Samsung Galaxy Round vs LG G Flex

Samsung Galaxy Round vs LG G Flex

The Samsung Galaxy Round just pipped LG to the post when it came to releasing the world’s first curved smartphone, though LG came back strong as ever with the G Flex just a matter of days ago.

And when it comes to smartphone battles, Samsung usually comes out on top. But will this be the case with the Galaxy Round vs the G Flex?


Perhaps the most notable difference between the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex is that their screens are both curved in the opposite direction. The Round’s screen curves horizontally, curling ergonomically to fit the shape of your hand, whilst the G Flex is curved vertically in line with the user’s face.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Curvature aside, both devices are similarly huge in terms of dimensions: the Galaxy Round features a 5.7-inch screen, compared with the slightly bigger 6-inch display on the G Flex. Both devices are also quite slim-line, measuring in at under 9mm thick, although the Galaxy Round is slightly thinner at just 7.9mm.

LG G Flex

Also, in many ways, the two devices look remarkably similar to their predecessors; the Galaxy Round is almost identical to every other smartphone in the Galaxy range, whilst the G Flex bears a resemblance to the LG G2.This is certainly one thing that makes the G Flex stand apart from the Round when it comes to design and build, as the device’s main control buttons have been relocated to the rear of the phone, allowing users to use the device easily with one hand.

Whereas the Galaxy Round allows users to check for notifications by simply tilting the screen, LG has developed a ‘DoubleKnock’ feature which allows you to wake up the G Flex by tapping twice on its screen rather than having to manually unlock the device.  

One feature that the LG G Flex boasts which the Galaxy Round does not, is a self-healing coating on the phone’s back casing. This, according to LG, stops the device from developing any long-term scratches and scuffs common on smartphones.

Under the hood

In terms of specs, the two curved devices are really quite similar. The Samsung Galaxy Round is powered by a quad-core 2.3GHz Krait processor, while the G Flex features an almost identical 2.26GHz CPU, which should, in theory, make both devices perform at lightning speed.

The Galaxy Round also boasts a massive 3GB of RAM, as debuted on the Galaxy Note 3 released last month, compared with the LG’s 2GB, making the former device slightly better at handling multiple functions at once.

Both curved smartphones run Android, as you might expect, though the Round runs an ever-so-slightly more up-to-date version of Jelly Bean (v4.3 vs 4.2.2). However, a regular smartphone user would hardly notice the difference between the two.

The battery life on smartphones is something why every user is interested in, and neither device should disappoint here. The Galaxy Round offers a slightly better battery than the Samsung Galaxy S4, but not as impressive as the Galaxy Note 3’s huge 3200mAh cell. However, according to Samsung, this allows for up to 16 hours of talk-time and 72 hours of music playback, which isn’t too bad.

The LG G Flex on the other hand features another first in the form of a curved battery ain addition to its curved screen, offering a massive, non-removable, 3500mAh battery, which should keep you active well beyond the end of the day.     


As neither of the devices have been released yet, it’s difficult to comment on their camera quality much more than comparing their camera specs.

This task is again made even more difficult with both curved smartphones boasting 13 megapixel cameras with 2 megapixel front-facing shooters.

However, as we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy range of S and Note devices, the Galaxy Round features a range of build-in camera modes including Sound & Shot, which records bursts of audio alongside still images, Animation, Eraser and many more to brighten up your images, making editing photos just as fun as taking them.

However, some critics have found the features included in Galaxy smartphones rather gimmicky, meaning that the omission of such modes on the G Flex might not be at such a disadvantage.

Price & Availability

Both the Galaxy Round and the G Flex will be launched initially in Korea, though as yet there are no details as to whether the smartphones could make their way to the UK anytime soon, if at all.    

In South Korea the Samsung Galaxy Round will be available from £632, and although the price tag for LG’s curved device has still not been announced, we anticipate that it will be around the £500-£600 mark.

Galaxy Round vs G Flex

As you can see, there aren't enough differences between the Samsung galaxy Round and the LG G Flex which makes one device stand above the other. With the magic that Samsung has, however, we can imagine that the Round will sell more handsets over the coming months, although if the succes of the LG G2 is anything to go on, it might not be a done deal just yet... 

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