Samsung Galaxy Note 4: rumours, release date and price

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumours, release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available! 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deals

The Note 4 was unveiled in Berlin in September and offers a whole host of new and exciting features. It sports a 5.7-inch display, a built-in fingerprint scanner and an enhanced 16MP camera. 

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This year we will see the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so now is the perfect time to take a look at the rumours, release date and price of the Note 4.

Samsung’s senior vice president, has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a new form factor, so exciting times are surely ahead on the run up to the Note 4 release.

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Leaked Note 4 Images


With the impending release of the Note 4 on the cards, Samsung has decided to show off its new wares with two teaser videos:

It looks like someone has let the cat out of the bag, after these pictures popped up on GSMArena reportedly showing the Galaxy Note 4 handset in all of its glory.

The first picture shows the front of the display, which boasts a similar style to the Note 3, whilst the metallic trim around the edges of the handset add some class.

Are you surprised by the Samsung Note 4's design?Is this the back side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The second however shows the back side of the hugely anticipated handset, which looks as if it features a polycarbonate material.

A picture of the Note 4's packaging is also online as well, showing off the handset's fairly modest box, with not much else to really mention.

Will this be the Galaxy Note 4's packaging?

So, no sign of a curved display here, but there could always be hope of a second handset boasting the feature...

Note 4 Fingerprint scanner

Boasting a fingerprint scanner is no longer a groundbreaking feature for a smartphone, but it seems that the Galaxy Note 4 has made it even more accessible for its users.

As well as doing the standard unlocking and PayPal certification seen on the S5, the Note 4 will also allow web sign in and app assignment.

This means that you should be able to sign in to numerous online accounts and allow access to apps with a fingerprint, meaning access to your details is as secure as ever. 

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Details about the upcoming Note 4's camera have been scarse, but now it looks like we've finally got some information to chew on.

Boasting a 16 megapixel lens on the back and a 3.7 megapixel front camera, the Note 4 is looking like a great phone for photographers.

Also, several new features have been mentioned prior to the handset's release, including Wide Selfie mode, Selfie Alarm and GIF creator.

A three sided Youm display?

The Youm flexible display technology was shown off by Samsung in Las Vegas over a year ago. These displays are super-thin and flexible enough to bend one edge over to another.

The concept device shown off at Las Vegas was stick shaped and at a touch the flexible display shoots out from the side. This however was more of a demonstration of its future possible uses and unlikely to be the form factor of the Note 4.

Folding display

More likely and highly rumoured is the use of this Youm flexible tech to bend the display over the corners of the Galaxy Note 4 to achieve a three-sided, but seemless display.

YOUM display

These new curved sides will be used for notification alerts for incoming calls, emails and messages and will be touch sensitive just like the main area of the display.

In Las Vegas a prototype of this concept showed off an incoming message notification which when tapped opened the message and the text was automatically scrolled along the curved edge rather like an electronic advertising board used in stadiums.

Three sided display

Other snippets of information have been leaked about the display which confirm that it is made from plastic so it won’t break even when dropped and it will use OLED’s that create their own light. This negates the need for a backlight and save battery power.

2K display

Rumours also suggest that the Note 4 will have a 2K display (four times the resolution of a HD display) with 2560 x 1440 pixels. In comparison the new Galaxy S5 has 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Note 4: a 5.7-inch display?

Ever since the first Note device was launched, the handsets have been getting slightly larger each year. So with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 having a 5.7 inch display it is likely that the new Galaxy Note 4 will boast a slightly larger 5.9 inch display.

That said, rumour has it that Samsung has decided that 5.7-inches is big enough for the Note 4, so we might well see no such screen size jump. 

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Galaxy Note 4 specs

Many other Galaxy Note 4 rumours are circulating so here is a roundup of the specs that we are likely to see on the phablet:

  • A massive 6-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 4GB RAM.
  • Android v4.5 (KitKat) operating system.
  • Improved battery with a capacity between 3600mAh and 3800mAh, up from 3200mAh on the Note 3.
  • A16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation technology and 4k video recording.
  • The Note 4 will most likely use ISOCELL sensors as seen on the Galaxy S5. 
  • ISOCELL vs CMOS - An ISOCELL image sensor is capable of capturing higher image quality compared to a CMOS sensor. ISOCELL’s isolate individual pixels by creating a barrier between them for less light leakage, resulting in clearer and more accurate images.
  • IP 67 certification for water and dust resistance (as seen on the Galaxy S5).

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Galaxy Note 4 release date and price

Will the UNPACKED event prove a success?

This new Samsung device will likely be announced in the second half of 2014 and if it follows the trend of other Note models we will receive this announcement in the 1st week of September.


Samsung has officially sent out invites for its final UNPACKED event of the year, where it's highly likely that we'll be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, in no small thanks to the language used on the invite.Will the Note 4 be revealed at the Samsung event?

The event is set to be held on September 3rd, only two days before IFA in Berlin, whilst simultaneous events will also be held in Beijing and New York, making the announcement a global one to say the least.

Note 3 white

Note 3 white

The Samsung Note will of course be offered on a 2-year contract and we shouldn’t be surprised to see a SIM-free price of up to £600 in the UK.

But if you can't wait for the Note 4, why not read up on our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review?

Written by: Michael Brown

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