Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display and camera review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display and camera review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had its official release at Samsung’s unpacked event at the IFA trade show in Berlin last week and it looks like Samsung have delivered largely what we expected.

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There are a couple of areas of improvement over the Note 3 that will make it stand out and so today we are going to take a look at the Galaxy Note 4’s display and camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display

When the Note series of phones / phablets were released back in 2011 we thought that the 5.3-inch display on that model was huge and wondered where this would eventually leed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display

Several years on and the first thing you notice when you pick up a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the size of the device which has grown to 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5mm. These stretched dimensions are of course a direct result of the display’s size that now measures 5.7-inches.

In fact the Note 3 also had a 5.7-inch display so this move could signal the limits of screen size where anything larger is simply impractical.

The main area of improvement through the Note range is now firmly focused on the screen’s resolution. The Note 3 impressed us with 1080 x 1920 pixels but the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shocked us, in a good way, with 1440 x 2560 pixels making this a Quad HD Super AMOLED display.

Quad HD Super AMOLED display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display also has a wider viewing angle with deeper contrast so it is a great smartphone when it comes to sharing content on the screen. The response time of the visuals now exceed a millionth of a second so the gaming and video streaming credentials appear to be unrivaled.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera clearly stands out as supreme and it has been nicely tailored with enough automatic features to make the novice photographer look like at pro whilst disabling these puts the control firmly back into the amateur photographer’s hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera

The main rear-facing camera now boasts 16-megapixels which is up from 13-megapixels on the Note 3. 

To help the novice photographer Samsung has built in a new Smart Optical Image Stabiliser and this automatically counter balances camera shake caused by holding the phone in the hand. This feature also extends the exposure time when photographs are taken under low light situations.

Further imagery tools that can be applied include HDR rich tone, beauty face, auto or selective focus, dual camera mode and virtual tour shot. We were first introduced to some of these new features on the Samsung Galaxy S5 but if you haven’t seen them in action then here is what they do:

  • Virtual tour shot - This mode is rather like the panorama modes that we often see only you can now move forward and turn left or right. The result is an animation which also shows a map of your movements.
  • Selective focus - This is for the artistic and will allow you to bring into focus, for example, a subject in the shot whilst blurring the background.

The secondary forward-facing camera has also had a major overhaul and at 3.7-megapixels it has almost double the resolution of its predecessor. Used primarily for video calling or taking a selfie the shooting angle has been set at 90-degrees. But, this can be widened to 120-degrees and this gives ample room for group video calls and group selfies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 video

Video recording is possible at two resolutions and speeds and this is an essential element that will allow the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to capture high quality videos as well as action videos where more frames per second produce a better result. The first recording mode is set at 2160p with 30fps while the second mode is set at 1080p with 60fps.

The audio side of the video recorder has also been updated with a rather cool 8 directional microphone. This can record and tag up to 8 different voices in a group conversation and these can then be isolated and played back individually.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review

The most important thing that Samsung has understood and actioned perfectly is that you cannot develop the camera without developing the display. 

This winning combination though is only part of the story so if you want to find out what happened to the S Pen or fingerprint security then read our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review.

Written by: Michael Brown

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