5 Things to Look Forward to on the Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 could be the phone of the year. It’s following in the footsteps of one of the best phones ever made, and is promising plenty of quality ahead of its impending MWC launch.

But what are our real Samsung Galaxy S7 expectations? Will it prove to be the top phone that appears at MWC, or could it be a bit of an anti-climax following up from the S6? We take a look at five things we thing the S7 will be staking a claim to at its launch.

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That Same Brilliant Samsung Design…

Admit it, you were swooning over the Samsung Galaxy S6 design, weren’t you? The move to metal proved to pay plenty of dividends for Samsung, with the S6 arguably the best looking phone of 2015.

Whilst the manufacturer might have been tempted to tinker with the way the S7 looks, it’s definitely wiser to keep the look a familiar one. Considering the leaked Samsung S7 rumours we’ve seen, this is the case as well, so we needn’t worry about the phone not looking as good as we hoped.

This means that the metal chassis will be hanging around, whilst the 6.8mm profile will also be staying put, making or another slim and stylish device.

A Two-Day Battery

Could the S7 pack a two-day battery?

It’s almost the stuff of legend nowadays; a battery that runs longer than just a single day. But whilst it might not be as long as our pre-smartphone batteries, the S7 is promising a full two-day life cycle.

This means that we won’t be hunting down a plug and cable just before bedtime, or conserving battery life come 3pm in the afternoon – essentially making life easier for thousands of smartphone users.

Samsung’s no slouch with its battery features already if we’re being honest, with Ultra Power Saving Mode also present alongside wireless charging. With all of these featuring on the S7, it could prove to be a very practical device as well as an entertaining one.

More Display Fun on the S7 Edge

Whilst the S7 is the main attraction, there’s still plenty of excitement that will be hanging around with its sister handset, the S7 Edge. Set to be unveiled alongside the standard device, the dual edge display handset will be on show at the same time, providing a tricky decision for potential customers.

Of course, with the added display real estate, the S7 Edge is set to hurt your bank account a bit more than the standard Samsung flagship – but if you like the look of it, it’s well worth the cash.

But, with a couple of added features coming along for the ride, like colour coded contacts and quick access settings, the S7 Edge also packs practical benefits as well.

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Super S7 Specs

One thing which always comes in a plentiful supply, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to sport a bunch of very friendly and very powerful specs. Of course, things will all get started with the classic Super AMOLED screen that’s adorned many previous Samsung phones, but behind the display we get plenty of punch as well.

Will the Galaxy S7 be the phone of 2016?

A Snapdragon 820 chipset is arguably the biggest piece of hardware to make the cut, whilst 4GB RAM and up to 128GB internal memory makes the S7 incredibly storage friendly.

Topping things off will be a non-removable 3000mAh Quickcharge 3.0 battery, offering an 80% charge in just half an hour. Like last year, wireless charging will also be on offer, meaning you can solve smartphone battery problems in a cinch.

Sharper than ever Snapper

Whilst we were definitely happy with the Samsung Galaxy S6’s camera, there’s always room for improvement – and the S7 could have cracked it. Sporting a 20mp rear lens and a front facing 5mp effort, both lenses will prove to be real hits for Instagram fans around the globe.

The front facing lens might not pack any extra megapixels compared to last time out, but the subtle changes to the software will make it one of the best selfie snappers on the market.

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Meanwhile, the jump from 16mp to 20mp on the back promises to put the S7 among the upper echelons when talking about smartphone cameras. Of course, with the TouchWiz software underneath, you know that the S7’s snapper will be easy to use as well, so it’s smiles all-round.

How much will it be?

With deals expected on pre-order late February contract and sim free we will be looking at around £45 per month and upto £600 respectively. Samsung Galaxy S7 deals will be in demand so if you are looing to upgrade from your old Galaxy then get in fast.

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So, what do you expect to see when Samsung announces the S7 later on this month? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield