Battle of the Samsungs! S6 Edge vs S6 Edge+!


The Samsung train has carried on rolling this summer, with a brand new phablet arriving to keep our smartphone thirsts quenched. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ was revealed alongside the Galaxy Note5, showing off a dual curved display much like that shown on the standard version of the Edge device, which was launched in March.

But if your contract is up and you’re trying to make a decision between the S6 Edge and the 6S Edge+, you might find yourself hard done by to make a decision. So, what makes these two Samsung smartphones different from one another?

Size Matters with Samsung!

Screen size is the biggest difference between the S6 Edge and Edge+

As its name might suggest, there’s a pretty obvious difference in size between these two Samsung smartphones. In fact, the size difference is so prominent, that the Edge+ is actually considered a phablet, whilst the standard S6 Edge is still deep in smartphone territory.

The Edge sports a very healthy 5.1” display, which is more than enough for the majority of tasks you’d expect to accomplish on any smartphone. However, for more space sensitive apps and jobs, you might find yourself needing something a bit bigger.

S6 Edge+

S6 Edge


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Enter the S6 Edge+, which packs a 5.7” screen which is much more beneficial for a number of different applications. Its phablet-centric style is much handier when it comes down to media playback and multitasking, although it can prove to be a bit harder to handle on a day to day basis.

This also plays a part on the entire construction of the phone, which is a full 1.2cm taller, 0.5cm wider and 0.1mm thicker than the smaller version of the phone. It even comes in on the heavier side as well, tipping the scales at 153g over the Edge’s 132g weight.

So, if you’re happy with a bigger phone, then the S6 Edge+ could be a wise purchase.

Is the Galaxy S6 Edge+ more powerful?

There's not too much difference between the two in terms of power...

In terms of performance, there isn’t a whole lot separating these two Samsung smartphones. Both handsets share practically all of their specs, with the very same Exynos 7420 chipset coupling the identical octa-core processor, whilst the handsets’ screens also share the QHD resolution as well.

However, there are a couple of telling differences behind the scenes; the first being one which helps the Edge+ multitask much more effectively. Upping from 3GB to 4GB RAM, the Edge+ can handle more apps at once and is less liable to slowing down when you do go the extra mile with your usage.

On top of this the battery also grows to 3000mAh from 2600mAh, giving the S6 Edge+ the ability to last as long as the smaller phone despite offering a larger screen. Other than that it’s business as usual, with even the camera offering no other differences on a hardware or software basis.

Money, Money, Money!

Arguably one of the most notable differences between the S6 Edge+ and the S6 Edge is one that won’t be too welcome. With the standard version of the Edge pricing up at £669 with 32GB storage, the Edge+ marks the register at a whopping £749.

This doesn’t become a much prettier site when the internal memory goes up either, with the 64GB version of the Edge+ costing £829. This is a full £80 more than the same level of storage on the regular Edge phone. This price tag for the Edge+ is in fact, equal to the 128GB version of the S6 Edge, which offers double the storage.

You can however, expect to pay much more for your Edge toting phablet!

Contract deals don’t read any better to boot, with most monthly costs for the Edge+ topping £42, whilst regular S6 Edge deals can be found with the same tariff for £5-£7 less each month. When put into context, this makes it up to £168 more expensive over the course of the contract – something that is more than capable of making your bank account shudder with fear.

S6 Edge vs S6 Edge+: What’s the Verdict?

Whilst there aren’t a tonne of differences between the two Samsung handsets, the most obvious growth comes in both the size and price tag which tags along with the S6 Edge+. The internal kit also makes a slight jump, but both phones offer their obvious pros and cons.

If you’re happy to pay a bit more cash for your smartphone, and get some extra power and screen space, then the Edge+ could be right down your alley. But if your wallet doesn’t like the sound of the price tag, and you still want a good performing device, the S6 Edge could be better suited to your needs.

So, which phone will you be opting for? The S6 Edge or the S6 Edge+? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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