5 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go

It’s here at long last, Pokemon Go is in the UK, and if you didn’t use a workaround to get it before now, it’s likely you’re already set-up to go and catch ‘em all.

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But if you really want to be the very best, like no one ever was you might need a helping hand, just like Professor Oak offered Ash when he first started out on his Pokemon adventure. So, here are five tips which we’re willing to impart on you as you prepare to go out and battle gyms and become a Pokemon master…

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Offline Maps save data and battery

The inner workings of Pokemon Go are quite simple, using the Google Maps infrastructure, you go around your local neighbourhood to hunt Pokemon. But if you didn’t already realise, using location services can be a real drain on your battery and your data.

By downloading the maps via your Google Maps app, you should save yourself plenty of data and battery – as it’s far less intensive for the app to pull data direct from your phone rather than the internet.

To do this, you need the Google Maps app on your phone. Once you’ve downloaded it, go into the app, go to settings and then offline areas – from here you can add an area of 120,000 square kilometres.

From here on out, this means Pokemon Go won’t have to download the map of the area each time you load it up, saving you data and battery.

Improve your chances of catching wild Pokemon

Catching Pokemon can be much easier than you're making it.

You’ve done the hard work and found yourself a Pokemon on your travels, but capturing those little critters can prove tricky. However, when you’re facing up with your wild Pokemon, take a close look at the ring which fills your Pokeball.

This ring will be of a certain colour and will shrink down before resetting back to the size of your Pokeball. The smaller the ring is, the better chance you have of catching the Pokemon – so make sure you take your time and pick your spot carefully when throwing.

What’s more, the colour of the ring also dictates how hard it is to successfully capture the Pokemon. Green means easy, yellow/orange is medium and red means hard – so be prepared to use a lot of Pokeballs if your foe is rocking a red ring in the wild.

Note: If a Pokemon is proving a real Pokeball sapper, try using a Razz Berry to make them more susceptible to your attempts.

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Turn off the AR

It’s a fun novelty, and we’ve all done it – screenshotted a Pokemon at home or in the office, but using the AR (Augmented Reality) actually makes catching Pokemon much harder.

By turning off AR in the top right corner of the screen when encountering a Pokemon, it makes them stay still and far easier to capture. Also, it means you won’t be looked at with the usual glares that some non-Pokemon fanatics give when you’re trying to get your hands on a pesky Spearow.

Sure, it might take away some of the fun of seeing a Weedle on the coffee table, but it’s a move which will make the game much easier overall.

Hunt at different times

Snorlax likes to appear later on in the day - make sure to time yourself properly.

Just like in real life, some of the wildlife in Pokemon are more easy to spot at certain times of day. This means you should plan to head out into the world at varying times of the day to increase your chances of bagging different Pokemon.

For example, Snorlax is typically more readily available during the evenings between 6pm-7pm, whilst fairy type Pokemon are also much more likely to appear in the evenings. Equally, other types of Pokemon will also be more common in the thick of the night – although we recommend preaching safety first.

Of course, if you’re sick and tired of catching Pidgeys and Ratattas, trying different times of the day could be the right route to go down.

Lure them in

Lures are used at Pokestops, and do exactly what they say they do – lure in Pokemon to that location to make for easy pickings. However, unlike incense – everyone who has Pokemon go (on Android or iPhone) can see when they’re being used.

You should use these to your advantage, if you see a nearby Pokestop with petals or confetti surrounding it, it signifies a lure being used. Any Pokemon that appear there aren’t to be fought over, meaning it’s a great way to meet other trainers and bag new Pokemon with minimal effort.

If you want to set lures yourself, you can buy them for Pokecoins or get them by levelling up. If you place one down at a PokeStop, you’re likely to draw other trainers nearby in, and meet up easily – as well as catch Pokemon.

Note: Lures last for 30 minutes, so it can be worth communicating with other trainers to stagger your lures for extended time with their benefits.

So, what do you make of these tips? Do they hit the mark for your Pokemon hunting adventures? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.