Operating Systems: Android v2 vs Android v4

Android OS

As a mobile phone consultant you never know what question may be asked next, particularly when you are comparing two phones side by side.

I was recently asked to make a recommendation and find a great deal via our free consultation service, possibly for the Samsung Galaxy Ace on Pay as you Go with O2.

Typically you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy Ace for around £75 but our comparison website beat this quote by £5. Of course this story doesn’t end here as I searched through all of the mobile phones on Pay as you Go to see if there were any comparable options.

I then found the Sony Tipo, again on the O2 Pay as you Go system and this later phone comes in at £50. On the surface and side by side there doesn’t seem to be many differences between these 2 phones. The Samsung has a slightly higher resolution camera (5 megapixels vs 3.2 megapixels) whilst the operating system on the Sony is Android v4 vs Android v2 on the Samsung.

So here comes the next question; what is the difference between Android v2 and Android v4?

There are in fact many differences and enhancements made to the later v4 operating system. First of all a completely new font has been created (Roboto) to make reading everything from SMS messages to web pages much easier.

Next there is a recent apps button that will allow users to multitask and flip between apps and these are accompanied by thumbnails that show what is happening inside the recent apps, making it easy to switch between them.

Security has been enhanced with a face recognition option that can be set to only allow only you to unlock the phone whilst other enhancements that use the camera and video include Live Effects, a collection of graphics that can be used to give your video calls a new background such as a mountainous landscape. This feature will also let you have fun with ‘Silly Faces’ where effects such as having a big nose can be applied.

For those who access internet based services away from their home Wi-Fi the Network Data Manager is a great new addition to Android v4. Users can set data limits and warnings and everything is split down into categories for you to analyse where your data allowance s going. Everything from Skype, Google Maps, Google Play downloads, email and almost anything else that uses data is all listed.

Phone contacts are also displayed in a better way with large profile pictures, phone numbers, email addresses and status updates kept in one place.

There are lots of other useful tools too like field auto-completion and Wi-Fi direct for sharing files, photos and videos. Other key features added include new lock screen actions, improved spell checking and better voice recognition.

So, now you know the choice is yours!

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