High Five! 5 Things we want to see from the Galaxy Note 5!

Galaxy Note 5

Admittedly, it’s going to be a long time until we’ll actually be getting our hands on the next Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, with its release not scheduled until September at the earliest.

But, despite things being so far off for the next Samsung phablet, what would we really like to see from it?

The first 4K Smartphone Display

The Note 4 looked good, but we thing the Note 5 could top it with 4K

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QHD was so 2014… With the next Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, we’d love to see a 4K display enter the fray.

This would be the very first 4K smartphone on the market, and it would give the Note 5 a real edge over its puny QHD competitors – making it the very best smartphone display ever made.

Imagine watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones on a huge 5.9” 4K screen? Not only would it look sharp and bright, but it wouldn’t require you to pick up some pretty serious eye strain from squinting at it 24/7.

Samsung is also set to make sure that its Super AMOLED technology is also crammed into the display as well, so you needn’t worry about the colour being washed out either.

Dual Curved Display

Will we see a dual edge display like on the S6 Edge?

What’s better than the edge display which was featured on the Galaxy Note Edge? Two of them!

Much like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, we’d love to see two curved screens make their way onto the next Galaxy Note.

Whilst the Edge display on the previous Note handset was good, we’re not actually bothered if we get all the functionality that came with it. The S6 Edge offers less in terms of functionality, but we really love the way it looks, so we won’t mind taking that hit again.

Just make sure it offers some sort of notification display and that cool colour glow feature and we really won’t care if it does much else. Plus, it will look stunning – and that really is half of the battle won for us.

A Huge Phablet Battery!

Samsung has previous with its battery, as shown on the Note Edge

It’s one of the biggest problems facing technology in recent years, as processors and screens have improved; batteries have been banging their heads on a brick wall in terms of improvement.

Of course, if Samsung does include a 4K screen, it will definitely need a battery in excess of 4000mAh to make it viable for long term use. This means we should get enough energy to make the Samsung phablet run for the whole day, and then some.

Rumour has it that Samsung is working on implementing a 4100mAh battery for the Note 5, which will once again feature the Touchwiz UI that brings Ultra Power Saving Mode. This means that you won’t be left looking for a plug socket once you get to 9pm, as it should last well beyond 24 hours on a full charge.

Note-Worthy Specs

Give us some good Note 5 specs please Samsung!

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It just wouldn’t be a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone if we didn’t get a wealth of top of the range specs to play with, would it?

4GB RAM would definitely make for a nice first impression, whilst the possibility of a deca-core (10-core) processor would also give smartphone fans something to talk about.

We’d also like to see 128GB of internal storage alongside a Snapdragon 815 chipset, with the aforementioned display and battery topping things off internally.

Finally, a 21 megapixel rear lens would provide us with plenty of camera quality, whilst a front facing 8 megapixel lens would also be very friendly for our Snapchat stories.

If Samsung gives us a spec sheet that reads something like this, it’s safe to say we’d be plenty happy with what we’d been given…

A Full Metal Jacket

An S6-esque metal body would definitely be appreciated on the Note 5

One final feature which was showcased on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that we’d really rather prefer on our next Note handset is a full metal chassis.

The S6 and S6 Edge both include this kind of construction, and both of them look great – even though it has come at a price.

But we’re happy to lose our removable batteries, waterproof capabilities and MicroSD card support, all for a smartphone which actually looks and feels like a piece of high-end equipment.

Hopefully Samsung will be taking our advice with these five features for the Note 5, but what would you suggest for the next Galaxy phablet? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Written by Luke Hatfield

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