Don't call it a Comeback! The Nokia 215!

Nokia 215

It wasn’t so long ago that we finally said goodbye to Nokia after years of diligent service, an act which brought a tear to every smartphone fans’ eye.

However, it looks as if those tears may have been slightly premature after the Nokia 215 emerged from the shadows to get 2015 off with a bang.

Update: Microsoft announces the Nokia 216

But what does the resurrected Nokia handset have in store for us this year? Will it win us over with its tremendous classic design? Or does its lack of power weigh it down? We take a look…

Will you be buying this retro style Nokia phone?

What is the Nokia 215?

A true feature phone, the Nokia 215 does exactly what you need a mobile phone to do and nothing else.

So as you’d expect, it can make calls, send text messages, save phone numbers and offer basic internet services.

It doesn’t feature a touch screen or any fancy apps which link to your next generation wearables, it just does the simple stuff, and that’s what makes it a real winner.

No need to be fussing about with software updates, iTunes syncing or data transfers! Just stick a sim card in it and get going, simple as that.

It boasts a modest 2.4” TFT display, 8MB RAM (that’s not a typo), a VGA camera, enough memory to hold 1,000 contacts and a 1,100mAh battery, and that’s all it needs. For those with a bit of data heavy luggage, it does feature a MicroSD card slot, so not all is lost if you have some music you want to carry around with you.

Basically, the Nokia 215 is the perfect handset for those of you not bothered about Snapchat, selfies and social media.

Classic Nokia Design

It wouldn’t be a feature phone without a good old fashioned keypad, would it?

Featuring the timeless candy bar form factor, the Nokia 215 feels just like the handsets of old, it’s solid, simple and can take a pretty hefty beating. Then it will just get back up, dust itself off and is ready to go once again.

Available in three colours; black, white and green, you can’t go wrong with the 215, especially as a back-up phone or something to take abroad.

Its plastic design doesn’t look very classy or sharp, we’ll admit that, but then it doesn’t attract fingerprints or require a case to protect it.

The standard keypad is there, making you revert back to the old T9 style text messaging and with all the standard ports and buttons where you’d expect, you won’t be getting any nasty surprises with it.

Whilst you definitely won’t be looking like a millionaire with it held up to your ear, but then you won’t be shelling out inordinate amounts of cash for it each month either!

Old, but Gold…

There are plenty of details that may strike you as being old fashioned with the 215, but we’re sure you’ll find them as useful as ever. For example, the 1,100mAh battery seems a bit shrewd, but is promising a standby battery life of 29 days, almost a full month! (That’s something we haven’t seen for a while)

Do you like the mixture of old and new on the Nokia 215?

Also, it comes at a price of £30, with no monthly fees, making it a ‘proper’ budget smartphone. Plus, with this sort of price tag, it would actually be cheaper to buy a new one fresh than to pay the standard £50 excess which comes with the majority of mobile phone insurance plans.

It does feature some new features though, with Facebook and Twitter having their own specific apps if you simply can’t help but be drawn to the addictive sites. Opera Mini also lets you browse websites, albeit at 2G levels of pace, so you’re probably better off avoiding things like YouTube as you’ll end up waiting a while with buffering speeds.

Shut up and take my money!

Hitting selected markets across Europe, Asia and Africa, you can expect to see the Nokia 215 flying off shelves next month (February). As previously mentioned, it will cost you less than a full tank of petrol, around £30 if you want to stick a number on it, making it one of the cheapest mobile phones on the market.

Of course, we’ll supply you with any news about this Nokia feature phone as we get it, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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