Google Nexus Battle! 5X vs 6P: What’s the Difference?

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Google’s latest smartphone duo are here, the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P were both announced in September, offering Android users their first glimpse of the next batch of Google handsets.

But after both phones were brought into the limelight side by side, you may well be wondering just which one is worth your cash? So, to help you out, we thought we’d compare them to one another!

So, if you plan on cashing into one of these new devices, this comparison should offer you some insight!

The Google Nexus Design

What’s odd about these two Nexus phones is that they’ve been built by two different manufacturers. Google shipped out the production of its 5X device to LG after the company did such a good job with the previous Nexus 5, whilst it was Huawei who debuted on the Google platform with the Nexus 6P.

But have the manufacturers created to contrasting devices? The short answer - Yes.

The first and most notable difference between the 6P and 5X is the sheer size of them. Huawei has gone all out with a 5.7” display, making it fill the hand much more than the 5.2” effort on the 5X. The changes don’t stop there either, despite being the bigger of the two, the 6P is also slimmer (7.3mm compared to 7.9mm) than the 5X. It also boasts a full metallic two-tone chassis, which is much fancier than the plastic build that’s put into play on the 5X.

What do you make of the two Nexus phones?

This metallic build doesn’t prove too useful when you consider the weight of the 6P however, as it tips the scales at 178g, which is heavy for any device. The 5X is a much more manageable 136g, making it easier to handle in day to day situations.

The only other noticeable change is the camera placement on the rear of both devices. The Nexus 5X has the camera sit centred above the fingerprint scanner, whilst the 6P opts for a left alignment when it comes down to the cameral. This offers no practical difference, but it’s worth taking note if you like to keep everything as symmetrical as possible.

The general feeling is that the Nexus 6P is by far the more premium of the two, but if you can’t handle the extra weight it may be worth considering opting for the 5X instead – especially if you have smaller hands.

6P vs 5X Specs

The biggest question on most people’s lips regarding the new Nexus smartphones is which one happens to pack the more powerful punch? It’s the specs behind the scenes which give us the answer to this question, and fairly immediately it’s quite easy to tell which phone rules the roost with its hardware.

The Nexus 5X certainly performs admirably with its 5.2” 1080p display, Snapdragon 808 chipset, hexa-core processor and 2GB RAM, but it’s the 6P which takes the biscuit with its improved internal kit.

Which Nexus Phone will you buy?

A 5.7” QHD display isn’t just bigger than the 5X’s, but it’s also much sharper with its Ultra HD quality. Elsewhere, a Snapdragon 810 chipset is quicker and helped out by an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM, both of which are better than those on the smaller device.

Overall, this makes for a much more streamlined experience on the Nexus 6P, giving it a real edge over its LG adversary.

Nexus Camera Comparison!

One area of comparison which has grown significantly over the past few years in terms of importance is that of smartphone cameras. Whilst they used to be something of an afterthought, it’s now a major selling point which can effectively make or break a smartphone’s chances on the market.

This is another strong area for the Nexus 6P, which boasts a front facing 8 megapixel lens, whilst the main camera on the back of the phone also measures up at 12 megapixels. Laser Autofocus makes its way into the handset to help take pictures quicker, whilst 4K video recording is also included for aspiring filmmakers out there.

Which Nexus phone's camera is best?

The Nexus 5X puts in a shift of its own as well on the camera front as well, with an identical rear facing 12 megapixel effort flanked by a more modest 5 megapixel front facing lens. 4K video and Laser Autofocus is included once again, but it does stand marginally behind the 6P thanks to its less powerful selfie snapper.

Google Nexus Prices

As you may well have noticed, everything’s a bit bigger with the Nexus 6P, and it’s exactly the same when it comes to its price tag.

How much is the Google nexus 6P  and what's the cost of a Nexus 5X

Many of the UK’s biggest smartphone retailers have revealed the phone’s pricing already, and it doesn’t make great reading for your bank account. Starting at £440 (or thereabouts depending on where you buy from), the 6P isn’t cheap by any means.

However, if you opt for the 5X, you’ll only have to part with £300 for a sim-free version of the device. Bear in mind that these prices reflect the lowest memory options of both phones (16GB for the 5X and 32GB for the 6P), so if you want more memory expect to splash out even more cash.

Contract prices for both phones with run down a similar route, making the 5X notably cheaper, although this does come at the cost of a less powerful spec sheet.

Is it worth paying more for the Nexus 6P?

6P or 5X?

If you’re in the market for the most powerful smartphone you can find, then this decision is a bit of a no-brainer. The Nexus 5X does well, but the 6P packs a larger and sharper display, more powerful specs and a better camera.

This makes the 6P a smoother device all-round, and that’s before we even talk about its full metallic chassis.

However, if you need to save some cash, then the 5X is the ideal second option to aim for below the 6P. It brings good all-round performance and the same rear facing camera. It might not meet the quality the 6P does, but as a whole it’s a great phone and costs plenty less as well!

So, which Nexus smartphone are you set to buy? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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