MWC 2016

What to Expect at MWC 2017

By far the biggest event on the mobile phone calendar, Mobile World Congress (MWC) is set to roll around once again in February.

So with the show opening its doors once again, what kind of devices can we really expect to be revealed? Could we get a collection of new flagship phones? Or will it be a more low-key event?

Here are our expectations for MWC 2017, hopefully we won’t be let down…

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Could be a great smartphone

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, especially given Samsung’s recent track record with its Galaxy S launches. Releasing the S7 and its curved screen sibling at MWC 2016, a successor will no doubt be appearing at the next event.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will likely feature the same style design as we’ve seen on the S7, but it’s behind the scenes where we’ll be likely to see the biggest improvements, including the S8 Edge too.

A new Snapdragon chipset is being rumoured in the handset, whilst increased RAM and processing speed are also realistic expectations. What’s more, we could even see a retina scanner make the cut for the first time on a mainstream device, making the S8 a very enticing launch.

All you might have to worry about is how you’re going to stump up the cash for the phone, which could well prove very expensive.


The LG G6 should bring more modular fun

Was there a bigger shock at MWC 16 than the launch of the LG G5 and its modular style? At MWC 2017, this means we can expect a pretty serious successor to take to the stage, hopefully offering more modules and a more powerful set of specs.

LG is expected to offer up the LG G6 at the Barcelona-based show and then launch the phone a month or so later. This means that it is likely to dodge the hype of the S8 launch, and get a big time sales push of its own when it is publicly released.

A new design isn’t the most likely addition, instead we’re expected to see more LG Friends that could work with the G6’s modular construction – hopefully adding more features for us to play with.

On top of this, an improved processor and display are also likely, whilst camera improvements might also make the cut.

Sony Xperia X2

The Xperia X2 could appear at MWC

MWC 2016 was a real batch of surprises, offering up an all new line of Sony smartphones alongside the LG G5 and S7. Given that this set of devices launched at this event, a follow-up batch a year later are even more likely – especially given that Sony is now working on a yearly schedule.

There were three Xperia X devices released at this year’s event, so we’ll likely see the X2, XA2 and X2 Performance all show up in some shape or form at MWC 17.

Like other successors, expect a number of under the hood changes, whilst a design shift is once again unlikely given the good reception of the recently launched Sony phones. Of course, the Japanese manufacturer may surprise us once again, so don’t think these changes are set in stone.

More Microsoft Lumia Phones

How about some more Lumia phones?

MWC almost always brings some kind of Microsoft phone to the fray, and we expect 2017’s event to be no different, with a few Lumia devices possibly making the cut.

It was the Lumia 650 that appeared last time out from Microsoft, so we can fully expect either a successor or a completely new phone to appear at the next event.

This is where we could see a new design come to the fray, with Microsoft well-known for bringing new styles and flashy colours to proceedings. This means that we might see an all-new Lumia with an all-new look…

An Apple Handset?

How about a new iPhone?

We can always dream, right?

Apple typically holds back its own launches for its events, but could MWC 2017 see a change to that process? We certainly hope so.

The Apple Watch is due an upgrade, whilst the iPhone SE also launched this year, so there are two potential opportunities to see an Apple device finally appear at MWC. Maybe the iPhone manufacturer could trick us all once more by releasing a completely new device as well.

There’s been talk of VR Apple devices in the future, MWC 2017 could prove to be an ideal foundation to show the technology off at…

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