MWC 2015 Round-up: Winners and Losers!

MWC 2015

It’s all over for another year! The booths are being packed up, smartphones neatly boxed away and the crowds are slowly trudging out of Spain’s second city.

But what can we take from the biggest mobile technology show the world has to offer? Was it one of the best we’ve ever had? We’re going to find out with our rundown of the event’s biggest winners and losers!



Did Samsung win MWC with its booth?

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Definitely the biggest winner from this year’s Barcelona-based event without a doubt – Samsung’s booth was jam-packed with tech for us all to play with at MWC.

The biggest releases from the company were of course the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, both of which look like real heavyweight handsets for the 2015 sales charts.

Both smartphones boast full metallic style, ultra-powerful specs sheets and numerous new features for us to play with.

Samsung Pay was also unveiled by the company, bringing the South Korean company to the forefront of the mobile payments market – right alongside Apple.

Safe to say Samsung will find it hard to improve on the performance it had this year when next February rolls around!

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How good is the HTC One M9?

HTC was another manufacturer to offer a flagship smartphone at MWC, making it an automatic winner in our books.

Boasting an improved spec sheet and finally working with a more powerful smartphone camera, the HTC One M9 keeps a hold of the design which won so many fans with its previous smartphone.

Along with the HTC One M9, we also saw a debutant wearable effort – called the HTC Grip, and even a gaming focused VR headset called the HTC Vive.

All three devices give HTC fans plenty to look forward to for the upcoming year, making for exciting times.

View the HTC One M9 right here >>


Is the Huawei Watch going to be a success?

You might find this a surprise entrant in our winners’ column, but Huawei definitely impressed us with its smartwatch entrant at MWC – along with some of the other pieces of kit we saw.

The Huawei Watch not only looks great, but is also looking like stiff competition for the upcoming Apple Watch – which is due this spring.

On top of this Huawei also announced several other devices which all look like good efforts, earning it some praise from us – even if it’s not the most well-known brand in these parts!


Is the BlackBerry Leap the sign of a comeback for BlackBerry?

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Who’d have thought we’d be talking about BlackBerry in a good light again? The Canadian company has somehow clawed its way back onto the market with the likes of the Passport, and now it’s looking like MWC might be a good launching pad for some new devices from the company as well!

The BlackBerry Leap doesn’t pack the biggest spec sheet, but it’s definitely looking like a great mid-range phone from the business phone company, and the sliding phone which was also shown off is looking like a great piece of kit.

Whilst things are still on tenterhooks for the guys and girls at BlackBerry, it’s safe to say that the company had a good MWC.



Will Apple ever show up at MWC?

As always, Apple decided to keep its head buried in the sand when it came to the world’s biggest mobile phone showcase.

Whilst the company might not have too much to show off – avoiding the event altogether is becoming a bit of a joke amongst tech enthusiasts.

Also, by not turning up Apple also lets competitors get a bit more limelight than they might have if the company was to show up.

Of course, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon, but one day we’d like to see Apple make its way to an event like this – rather than hosting all of its own events.


The M4 Aqua wasn't quite enough to make Sony's MWC a success...

The problems are definitely building up for one of the biggest names in technology. Whilst its other product lines have done well – Sony’s smartphone division is struggling.

The widely expected Xperia Z4 did an Apple, and the introduction of the M4 Aqua and Z4 Tablet weren’t really enough to make up for its absence.

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Our fingers are crossed for Sony, as we love their smartphone designs – but we are definitely worried about the future of its smartphone line-up.

So, how do you think MWC went? Would you have picked any more winners or losers? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield