Moto E 2016: What to Expect

Moto E 2016

One of the most recognisable names in the world of smartphones, Motorola has been critically acclaimed for the likes of the Moto Razr V3 and more recently the Moto G. But another phone from the company is due for a rebirth soon, the Moto E, which will be in its third generation.

So with a new Moto E on the horizon, what can you expect to see from the next generation budget focused phone? We take a look at some of the expected specs and features that could make their way onto the handset this year…

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A Bigger Moto E (3rd Gen) Screen

The Moto E 2nd gen handset was quite the good performer on the Motorola sales charts, with plenty of fans enjoying the affordable price tag and solid design. However, sporting a rather small 4.5” screen, 2015’s Moto E didn’t exactly make media playback the greatest experience.

The next Motorola device is rumoured to be fixing this issue by offering a more sizeable 4.7” or maybe even a 5” display, with Gorilla Glass 3 shoring it up (just like last time). Although it won't be quite as strong as the shatter-proof Motorola phones of late.

This would make the Moto E 2016 much bigger than last year though, which is more in keeping with the current phablet favouring trend. However, if the display’s resolution doesn’t improve it could be a bit of a counter-productive move, so we’d also like to see a HD style showing as well.

More Internal Memory Please…

8GB isn’t a lot of storage anymore, in fact, it’s not been a lot of storage for a good while now, so improving this is a key area of improvement for the Moto E 2016.

On last year’s device, that 8GB of storage would be hacked down in a matter of moments thanks to the internal operating system and the standard apps the majority of us have. This left no room for music or video content, unless you decided to shell out for a MicroSD card anyway.

This time around, we’d really like a minimum of 16GB built-in, and even this is a small showing. In a perfect world, we’d ban phones from being launched without 32GB of room, but 16GB will definitely be more widely accepted than a measly 8GB inclusion…

What specs will we see in the Moto E 2016?

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A better Selfie Snapper

Front facing cameras have quickly become one of the first features which plenty of us look at on our phones. Whilst we were happy to see one on the Moto E 2nd gen, an improvement is sure to be on the cards with its successor, upping from the VGA quality camera we were used to.

Whilst megapixels aren’t the be all and end all, we’d like to see 2mp make the cut on the front, whilst the back lens could also stand to gain a couple pixels as well – possibly jumping to 8mp.

A front facing flash might be a bit optimistic, but it’s not an impossibility, although we’d still be perfectly happy with an all-round camera improvement to help our Instagram feeds along - we don't need it to be the best camera phone on the market.

A Longer Lasting Moto E Battery

A real issue in today’s smartphone market is battery performance, with very few manufacturers getting it right. The likes of Apple, Samsung and Sony have all struggled with their launches at one time or another, and Motorola will hoping to avoid that issue with the Moto E 2016.

The Moto E 2015 offered a fairly average 2390mAh effort, giving it more or less a full day’s worth of juice before you needed to plug it in.

However, the new phone (with its new-fangled display) will likely need a bigger battery to help cope with the added screen real estate. This means we could see the Moto E 2016 pushing 3000mAh if we’re lucky, possibly offering up over 36 hours of life with regular use.

What can you expect from the Moto E 2016?

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Android Marshmallow?

Android is a certainty to be included on the Motorola device, the real question is which version of the OS we’ll actually be finding come launch day. Many have the Moto E plumped with Android Lollipop once again, but what we all want to see is a Marshmallow flavoured inclusion for 2016.

This wouldn’t just bring a slightly improved style, but also a number of behind the scenes features, making the Moto E 2016 a lot more desirable to Android fans across the world.

Of course, its budget nature might not make it the most powerful Marshmallow based device on the market, but in general it would make the Moto E one of the best affordable phones on the market. Of course, if you'd like more info about the Moto E, head to Motorola's website.

So, what do you expect to see from the Moto E 2016? Do you think they’ll pack our most wanted features? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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