The 7 Most Addictive Mobile Games Ever

What are the most addictive smartphone games ever?

We’ve all been there, playing a game on our smartphones for what seems like 10 minutes and ending up sitting there for an hour. How time flies when we’re having fun, eh?

Update: Valve launches the Steam app for Windows Phones

But which mobile games are the serial offenders? Is there any way to break their trance upon us? Well we’re about to guide you through these incredibly addictive apps, so keep your finger away from that download button, unless you have time to burn of course.


What starts off as a relatively simply numbers game quickly becomes a time-sapping endeavour with the hugely popular 2048.

It works by making users shift number tiles across a 4x4 board, when two of the same numbers meet; they join together and then double in value.

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The main aim of the game is to gain a tile of the value of 2048, however you quickly realise that this is not a simple task, as if you fill the entire board with numbers, you lose the game.

Once users reach the 2048 tile, you can continue onward until you lose, meaning an ending will never arrive, no matter how long you play.

Addictive games


Who doesn’t remember the Nokia 3210? We certainly haven’t forgotten, especially after we tried it out for a week (you can check out our Nokia 3210 trial here).

Snake was one of three games installed on the handset, and has become a favourite amongst many since its release.

The game is simple enough, you start as a small snake but the more food you eat, the bigger you get, quickly becoming too large to manoeuvre the game area easily. If you hit the edge of the area, or any part of yourself you lose, simple.

As you improve your skill, you can up the speed of the game, but even still, one game of the 3210 classic can last a good 15-20 minutes.

classic snake game

Flappy Birds Family (Flappy Bird)

The furore surrounding Flappy Bird was huge, mainly thanks to the game’s intense difficulty level. After such a huge rush for the game it was unexpectedly removed from the app store by the game creater Dong Nguyen. Nguyen stated he had removed it due to the amount of attention he had gained from it, but after much pleading from fans he promised to bring the bird back in a new version that allows multiplayers.

Whilst having fully working wings, the bird still has to resort to a single flap method of flying, going perilously up and down which often results in failure in the first 15 seconds of flight.

Despite featuring such a short game time, the app is incredibly addictive, especially when competing with friends, and often culminates in hours of play time rather than minutes.

The app is available on the Amazon App Store for Android.

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flappy birds family

Words with Friends

No matter who you are, it’s likely that you’ve played at least one game of Scrabble at some point in your life, and Words with Friends is essentially the mobile version of that game.

Competing against friends, family or even strangers, Words with Friends quickly turns from a friendly game to a full blown word based battle with your opponent.

After a handful of turns each, you quickly become fully immersed in the game, thinking up words throughout the day in an effort to combat your challenger.

Seeking a triple word score on the word ‘xylophone’ is no easy task, meaning hours of thought are required to gain bragging rights over your challenger.

words with friends

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Angry Birds

Certainly a strange game on the face of it; Angry Birds requires players to launch birds via catapult, which apparently have no ability to fly themselves, in an effort to destroy structures housing green pigs.

Each level increases in difficulty, often resulting in double or even triple figure numbers of efforts to complete a level at the highest rating.

Each level may only take a few minutes to master at first, but heading into later stages, you’ll quickly find yourself committing hours into certain levels which could be well spent doing something more productive.

angry birds original

Candy Crush

If you’re on Facebook, you’re guaranteed to have received a Candy Crush invite at some point of your life, and if you’ve accepted that invite, you’ll have quickly realised that it’s a time consuming game to say the least.

It works by getting you to match 3 or more similarly coloured ‘candies’ to obtain a required score in a limited number of moves, increasing in difficulty with each level.

To speed up the gaming process you can pay some hard earned cash for extra lives, which has turned the game into a cash-cow of sorts, currently bringing in a reported £500k each day.

Candy crush

Temple Run 2

For those of you who don’t know just what Temple Run is, we’ll quickly explain; you run through an endless temple, trying to steal a mysterious golden artifact whilst being chased by ravenous monkeys. Got it?

It sounds far-fetched, but it’s insanely addictive, making players tilt their devices to avoid crumbling paths and swipe up and down to evade frequent obstacles.

Scores grow as time passes, as does the speed of the game, quickly building up to breakneck speeds most amateur players wouldn’t be able to handle.

Add collectible coins and player enhancements to the game, and you find yourself playing for hours on end to increase your character’s abilities, helping you increase your high score.

Beware, if you play this on the train and begin to build a high score, you will likely miss your stop and end up in a train station far from home with only your phone for company, take that from us…

temple run 2

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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