Mobile phone deals for less than £10 per month

Mobile phone deals for less than £10 per month

If you are looking for a great phone deal that won’t break the bank then look no further.

We have hand-picked 5 mobile phones that can be picked up for less than £10 per month. Some require cash back to be claimed, while others are just outright good deals with no hassle attached.

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Before the top 5 list, we thought we better show you the popular choice of the iPhone 5S and it's current lowest price per month. It might not be under our £10/month limit, but it's still guaranteed to be a great deal.

List of the Top 5

Here is the best deals for you if you are looking to spend less then 10 pounds per month.

5. Microsoft Lumia 550

The Microsoft Lumia 550 is one of the very first smartphones to feature the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. If a Windows PC is used at home, then everything runs in sync, including reminders set using the Cortana personal assist, who now understands natural voice commands.

Microsoft Lumia 550

The compact 4.7” display is sunlight readable, which makes it perfect for using the Edge Browser that lets web pages be drawn upon and saved. A reading mode also forms part of the Edge Browser and this removes all other web page distractions, leaving just the article you wish to read. A quad-core processor powers the experience and there is a 5MP/2MP camera set up.

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4. Samsung Galaxy J5

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a great buy for those who want a good Samsung phone on the cheap. The 5” display is extremely vibrant and gives a little pop to the Android OS. A quad-core processor is inside along with a good pair of 13MP/5MP cameras.

Samsung Galaxy J5

The Samsung Galaxy J5 has some clever software inside that those on a budget will really appreciate. Special data compression software keeps data volumes down for use on 4G, when away from a Wi-Fi signal. The software also restricts data consumption from apps running in the background. 

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3. Motorola Moto G 2015

The Moto G 2015 is a good buy for anyone who loves to personalise their phone, as there is a wide range of colourful Motorola Shells available. The 5” display is protected behind Corning Gorilla Glass and the phone is water resistant, so rain and spills are no issue.

Moto G 2015

The Android OS runs smoothly thanks to a quad-core processor and there is a 5MP camera for taking selfies. The main 13MP camera is great for low-light photography with a dual LED colour-balancing flash, capturing the scene with more natural looking colours.

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2. Sony Xperia C4

The Sony Xperia C4 is an incredibly good deal and should really be seen as joint-best mobile phone for less than £10 per month. The large 5.5” display has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and the Super Vivid Mode takes vibrancy to new levels.

Sony Xperia C4

The Android OS is powered by an octa-core processor that is asynchronous. Here, individual cores power up when performance is needed but power down and save battery life when in it isn’t.

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The music experience is legendary with Sony 3D Surround Sound speakers pumping out the audio at 97db. The Sony Sound Experience ensures that the output is distortion free with Clear Bass and xLoud coupled with a manual equaliser for fine tuning.

Sony Xperia C4 for less than £10 per month

The 13MP camera can record at Full HD while the 5MP secondary camera has a 25mm wide-angle lens with a selfie soft LED flash for natural illumination.

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1. Alcatel Idol 3

The Alcatel Idol 3 is pretty much a premium smartphone that is almost being given away. A brushed metallic body gives it a high-quality look and feel and the popular Android OS is kept in motion by a fast octa-core processor.

Alcatel Idol 3

The design is further made unique by it having speakers and microphones at both the top and bottom of the phone. This means that there is no right way up, making it even easier to enjoy.

Alcatel paired up with JBL Audio to bring exceptional sound quality with the forward-facing speakers working with Clari-Fi software, which restores compressed music files back to their original quality.

Alcatel Idol 3 for less than £10 per month

The 5” Full HD display uses Technicolour Colour Enhance technology to give a luminescent edge to colour rendering. There is also a 13MP camera that is backed up by a best-in-class 8MP selfie camera, that has an 84° viewing angle.

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These mobile phone deals for less than £10 per month are absolute bargains with the Sony Xperia C4 and the Alcatel Idol 3 proving that exceptional doesn’t need to cost the earth. If you're not after a handset with it, then SIM only deals under £5 per month is where you need to be, covering all networks in the UK.

If you're struggling with your credit rating, you should also consider looking at our bespoke bad credit mobile phone deals - which provide the best chance for you to bag a deal regardless of your financial situation.

Written by: Michael Brown

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