Experts Pick: Mobile Phone Deals

Experts Pick Best Mobile Phones Deals of 2016

Having worked in the mobile phone industry for many years I seem to have acquired an eye for picking out the best mobile phone deals.

My advice here takes a look at the top selling mobile phones that are flying out of the door as we speak, so you can be confident that these are the right phone and plan to choose.

Apple iPhone 6s - Top selling phone of 2016

The Apple iPhone 6s is the most dominant smartphone of 2016 and is outselling all other phones. With a premium phone like this it is essential to pick a phone plan that will allow you to enjoy its features. My advise is go big with unlimited calls and text messages and get a plan with plenty of internet data so that you can use the phone away from your home Wi-Fi.

The Apple iPhone 6s is the number 1 selling phone in 2016

Why buy the iPhone 6s? 3D Touch senses the pressure applied to the screen so that one touch can be used to give multiple actions. The iSight 12MP camera is the best yet from Apple and the A9 Chipset is 70% faster in general and 90% faster on graphics, making it the gamers number one choice.

iPhone 6s deals

Apple iPhone 6s Plus - Go big

The iPhone 6s may be selling in higher volumes but I would really recommend that you consider the iPhone 6s Plus, as the experience is richer because of the larger 5.5” display. Once again I would recommend choosing a plan that is maxed out for calls and texts and don’t forget to get a plan with a free gigabyte or two of data for internet usage on the go.

The iPhone 6s Plus has almost an inch more screen

Why buy the iPhone 6s Plus? Enjoy iOS 9 as it was meant to be, spread over a glorious canvas. As a bonus the higher capacity battery last longer, even though the screen is larger than that of the iPhone 6s.

Buy the iPhone 6s Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Save a ton of cash

Samsung interrupts Apple’s dominance of the most popular phones with the Galaxy S6 and it seriously undercuts the price tag of the latest iPhone. If you are internet obsessed, even when out and about, then be sure to compare the Galaxy S6 deals, as for only a couple of pounds on top of the contract highlighted below, you could get 6GB of internet data.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 undercuts the price of the iPhone 6S

Why buy the Galaxy S6? This premium phone has an impressive 16MP camera, a lightening quick octa-core processor and has the incredibly popular S Health app pre-installed.

Compare the Galaxy S6 deals

Apple iPhone 5s - A secret revealed

I will reveal a little secret, the iPhone 5s can have its operating system updated to the latest version (iOS 9.2) straight out of the box and for free. This means that if your usage is light then you can get a good low-cost UK contract on an iPhone. However, if your usage isn’t light then buy the iPhone 6s as there really isn’t much of a price difference when looking at unlimited allowance styled plans.

iPhone 5s iOS update

Why buy the iPhone 5s? If you are looking for phones that fit into your pocket then the iPhone 5s fits the bill with its miniature, by today’s standards, 4” display.

Get a cheap iPhone 5s

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Curves are cool

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs a few pounds more each month, compared to the Galaxy S6, but it is probably worth it if you want the latest design craze.

Curves are cool on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Why buy the Galaxy S6 Edge? The curved Edge display, apart from looking very cool, allows for information, such as notifications, to be given without interrupting what is happening on the main part of the display. The Edge can also be used to get quick access to your most used contacts, which can be colour coded for easy recognition.

Galaxy S6 Edge contracts

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Written by: Michael Brown

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