Why Are We Losing the Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7?

Goodbye, old friend...

September is almost upon us, which means a new iPhone release is approaching – and this year, it’s a brand new model.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be made available as soon as September 23, and we’re all trying to find out as much as we can about the handset’s specs ahead of the official launch.

We’ve devoted a whole article to the latest rumours surrounding the new iPhone, from a crazily impressive Hexacore A10 processor, to dual cameras and a potential ‘deep blue’ body colour, but one rumoured feature stands out: the headphone jack. Or rather, the lack of headphone jack.

It’s indeed rumoured (and almost confirmed by now) that Apple is ditching the usual 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom at the iPhone in order to thin down the handset to almost nothing. (Well, to about 6.0 mm – which is thinner than the iPod Touch.) We might miss it dearly – but then again, we might not.

Let’s give the iPhone’s headphone jack a warm goodbye.

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Why is Apple ditching the headphone jack?

Every other iPhone goes through a huge redesign – the iPhone 4 and 6 barely even look related now – and we can expect the iPhone 7 to feature some pretty impressive changes. For instance, it’s expected to be the thinnest Apple smartphone ever, which might be the reason why the company chose to get rid of the bulky headphone jack.

It’s also possible that using the lightning port to connect headphones to your device will improve sound quality – although we probably won’t be able to hear the difference.

Could this be the thinnest iPhone ever?

Another reason for the loss of the headphone jack might simply be innovation. Apple is well-known for being one of the most daring tech companies, and has never shied away from design changes – even if no users had asked for them.

For instance, it was the first company to get rid of the floppy disk port when the iMac G3 was released back in 1998. And it was right to do so, since floppy disks are now officially dead, an archaic piece of technology that will never see the light of day again.

What does it mean for headphone jacks, then? If history is about to repeat itself, we might see them disappear in the next few years, as other phone manufacturers turn to Bluetooth or micro-USB compatible headphones. Wireless technology keeps getting better, and it’s very likely that it will become the new norm for audio listening.

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Will I get new headphones with my iPhone 7?

Yes. Apple always supplies users with a pair of headphones when they purchase a new iPhone, and they’re not about to stop doing it. (At least, we hope they aren’t.)

A video surfaced online which allegedly shows what Apple’s new lightning headphones will look like, and photos have been published on the Chinese social media Weibo showing the same – although there’s no way to confirm these are official headphones manufactured by Apple. Take a look at the picture here.

Leaked picture of Apple lightning earphones.

Will I miss the headphone jack?

Short answer: probably not. While it might feel a little strange at first to plug your headphone into your Lightning port instead, you’ll end up getting used to it – like everyone got used to big changes in the way we use our phones, such as touchscreens.

Sound quality is also unlikely to become an issue – in fact, it could even get better and better as the use of Lightning and Bluetooth headphones develops.

Apple is already selling wireless Beats by Dr Dre headphones in their shops, so it’s fair to expect the company to keep pushing for Bluetooth, once again pushing the boundaries of what is currently mainstream technology. It’s probable that most smartphone manufacturers, as well as headphone companies, will turn their focus towards wireless audio listening in the future – and Apple will be the one leading them.

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