Little mob-lies: how you use your phone to tell fibs

Little mob-lies: how you use your phone to tell fibs

It has emerged today that a staggering percentage of the population have used a flat phone battery as an excuse if they are late, forget to reply to a text, or miss an important event.

These excuses, termed ‘mob-lies’ by mobile phone manufacturer Motorola, are to blame for users committing a multitude of sins. Claiming that their mobile phone battery has died has been used by 41% of people to avoid having to talk to a family member or friend; 37% for forgetting to call someone on a special occasion; and 26% for missing an event altogether.

In fact, the study finds that 18% of the UK population use their mobile phone running out of juice as an excuse for their alarms not going off in the morning, just to get a few more precious minutes in bed.   

But it’s perhaps not fair to say that everyone that uses a lack of phone battery as an excuse is lying; with smartphones offering such a huge array of features, it’s hardly surprising that mobiles run out of juice as quickly as they do.

According to these latest statistics, almost 500,000 people in the UK have missed a wedding because of their phone battery running out, whilst nearly one million people have missed a romantic date for the same reason.

So how can you ensure that you don’t get caught out by running out of juice at a critical moment?

Do your research

When you’re looking to buy a new phone, remember to do your research. While it is important to look at the phone’s features, camera quality and internal memory before you buy, it is also worth taking note of the phone’s battery life as well. After all, what’s the point in having a smartphone which offers every incredible feature and function you could ever dream of, if using it drains your battery after just a few hours?

And don’t just take manufacturer’s promises for granted, either; read as many mobile phone reviews and articles about the phone’s battery life as you can. Mobile phones which have been recently commended for their high battery performance include the Motorola Razr HD, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Turn your phone off at night

This tip might sounds pretty obvious, but shockingly very few users turn off their smartphones at night. The main reason for this, ironically, that they are afraid that their alarms won’t wake them up in the morning, leaving them piling into work half an hour rate!

And what’s more, turning your phone off while you’re sleeping guarantees you won’t get disturbed by any late night messages, emails or phone calls…

Turn off unnecessary apps

Finally, another way of ensuring that your phone battery lasts longer is to turn off unnecessary apps, such as GPS and Bluetooth. You’ll find these apps, amongst others, drain the juice of your smartphone without you even noticing.

Also, many phones benefit from a power-saving mode which you can switch on when you’ve got a long day planned ahead. The Motorola Razr HD and the Motorola Razr i, which have both been highly commended for their impressive battery lives, offer SMARTACTIONS, a feature which automates certain activities, such as turning off data syncing at night, and sets alerts to remind you to put the phone at charge when you go to bed.

So there you have it; follow these few simple- and obvious- tips and you'll never have to use your phone as an excuse again. Unless there's an emergency of course..! To read more about saving battery life, read our top 5 tips for improving your phone's battery.

Have you ever used your phone being dead as an excuse? Let us know; to post a comment below, or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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