Dual Screen Fun! Take a look at the LG V10!

LG V10

LG caught plenty of us by surprise this month by launching the LG V10 smartphone, which sports a pretty amazing feature that’s very rarely spotted on any handset. On the face of it, it doesn’t look all that different to many smartphones out there, rocking a fairly standard style whilst it sits there on the shelf - until you decide to turn it on…

Sporting one of the only dual screen displays on the market, the LG V10 boasts a small, but mighty screen above the main fascia to help separate itself from numerous other phones on the market. But is this new LG smartphone a true hit? Or is it nothing but a mobile gimmick?

Dual Screen Smartphone!

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We’ve already mentioned it, but it’s by far the biggest feature of the LG handset, and it gives the V10 a dynamic selling point that’s well worth shouting about. It might not sound all that impressive, sizing up at 2.1” and rocking a 1040x160 resolution, but its application can prove remarkably useful when put to practice.

Allowing users to get to their apps quickly and displaying relevant information with its ‘always on’ style, the V10’s secondary screen has the ability to revolutionise the way you use your phone.

The likes of your music, calendar, text messages and mobile browser can all be accessed via the display, which runs completely independently to the main screen – which sizes up at a whopping 5.7”. This primary screen is no slouch either, with a QHD resolution, it’s sharp, bright and responsive, as well as running right alongside the added effort just above it.

A Great Design

Coming in a total of five colours, you’ll be able to pick up the V10 in Space Black, Luxe White, Modern Beige, Ocean Blue and Opal Blue. All of these colours look fantastic, mixing LG’s phenomenal design with fashion favouring colours that are much more attractive than the standard offerings which we regularly find ourselves tackling.

Is the V10 the best looking phone on the market?

But the classy design doesn’t just stop with some fancy colours, the V10 also sports one of the best looking builds we’ve seen this year as well. Its stainless steel frame and Dura-Skin (silicone) material give the phone an amazingly fresh feel that could make it one of the most innovative phones in terms of style – a step ahead of the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

It does tip the scale at a rather heavy 192g, but that’s a minor niggle to deal with for such a good looking phone of its size. Plus, at just 8.6mm thin, you won’t be finding it too bulky either, a problem which does cause problems in some phablets.

Finally, with a removable back cover and MicroSD card support, the design of the V10 is also incredibly functional as well. It even pedals a fingerprint scanner built into its home button, making it a real flagship competitor!

Top Notch Specs

When it comes down to specs, the LG V10 doesn’t let us down either. Rocking a Snapdragon 808 chipset and 4GB RAM, the LG device runs amazingly quickly, without any noticeable lag during multitasking.

On top of this, we get an expandable 64GB storage and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop to make use of, giving the V10 a distinct flagship feel.

Will you be buying LG's latest smartphone?

Finishing things off behind the scenes is a 3000mAh battery, which provides well over a day’s worth of battery – even with the second screen to power along the way. Also, with the battery being removable, you can swap a new one in should you desperately need to keep your phone going!

The Best LG Smartphone Ever?

It’s certainly a good phone, but it’s a little too early to make a judgement on the V10 as it being the best LG smartphone ever. However, it’s a serious piece of kit that’s well worth throwing into the discussion.

Unfortunately, we might need to wait a while before we get to see it in Western waters, but with an international release on the cards, it shouldn’t be too long before we can get our hands on it!

So, what do you make of this dual screened LG smartphone? Do you think it’s going to prove a smartphone smash? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Written by Luke Hatfield

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