LG Face-off: G5 vs G4

G5 vs G4

LG’s latest flagship smartphone arrived at MWC earlier on this year, and is now fully released on the UK market, bringing top notch specs and an interesting collection of features.

But now that it’s here for all of us to see, how does it shape up against its predecessor? Does the LG G5 really stand scores ahead of its older brethren? Or is it overstated?

We’re here to find out…

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G5 vs G4 Design

There’s a fair bit of change that’s gone on between these two LG launches, but it’s all for the better, with the G5 having refreshed the LG flagship line. Not to say that the G4 wasn’t a good looking handset, that is.

In fact, the G4 was still one of the better looking phones on the market when it launched last year, providing a leather and plastic chassis option, each in a number of colours. The back based power button was wrapped up by volume rockers either side, whilst the shape was decidedly sharp.

Which LG phone looks the best?

Thinking forward? What are modular phones? 

The G5 keeps the back based power button, and even adds a fingerprint scanner to it for added security and functionality. However, the volume rocker is shifted to the side of the chassis for a more orthodox look and feel, whilst the edges of the phone are softer and curvier.

The leather build has been ditched though, meaning it’s only one style of construction you’ll find – albeit one with modular connections in tow.

G4 vs G5 Features

We touched on it just now, the biggest addition to the G5 over the G4 is the modular feel of the phone. Offering a way to interchange different parts of the handset for added peripherals, the change has been something we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s not exactly Project Ara, but it’s been enough to get us all salivating over the prospect of modular tech.

With a collection of ‘LG Friends’ on offer, the G5 now has the ability to swap out batteries, add camera add-ons or even offer an audio boost. All of this can be done in a matter of seconds, so you needn’t worry about being out of contact for an unreasonable amount of time.

What’s more, we get an always on display that supplies you with information about notifications at all times, whilst also letting you know the time without draining the battery completely. Meanwhile, a daylight mode for the screen also guarantees you a good viewing experience in spite of all those bright days we can expect this summer.

LG Specs Comparison

Which LG specs hit the mark?

Like the sound of the LG Friends? What five modules would we most like to see on the G5? 

If it’s a boost in specs you’re after, then the G5 is obviously going to pack more of a punch than its older counterpart.

Whilst the G4 was admirable with its Snapdragon 808 chipset, 3GB RAM and Gorilla Glass 3 display, the G5 is a totally different beast.

Whilst the screen size drops by a fifth of an inch, the QHD quality stays put and a new version of Gorilla Glass makes the cut for added durability. On top of this, we get 4GB RAM and an upgrade to the very latest Snapdragon 820 chipset, making the G5 run at breakneck speeds.

Add to this a new dual lens camera with a wide angle lens, and you’ve also got yourself a phone which not only outperforms its predecessor with its general use, but also when coming to photography.

G4 vs G5 Price

This is obviously a major tripping point for many shoppers, with flagship phones being particularly harmful to wallets and purses across the globe.

However, unlike Apple and Samsung, you can still get LG smartphone deals at a competitive price, especially if you’re able to pony up a decent amount of cash up front. This is of little use if you’re buying SIM-free of course, but if you’re on pay monthly, you could get a lower bill.

Being newer, the G5 is obviously much more expensive, but if you fancy getting more power it’s still the wiser option – with deals dallying to as low as £27/month. Of course, if you’d rather save the cash, you can find G4 deals for less than £20/month now, but beware of the lesser performance.

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