Welcome to a Modular World: LG G5 Hands on

Hands on with the LG G5

The LG G5 brings with it the most innovative ‘concept made reality’, since the Samsung brought us the Edge display, currently featured on the Galaxy S7 Edge, but now you have the facility to add extra functions to your phone, it's on LG's new flagship.

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The innovation we are taking about is Modular Functionality, where the bottom segment of the phone pulls out and can be replaced with other modular units, adding new or enhanced functionality, to an already impressive phone.

Modular Functionality

Modular Functionality LG G5 is the first

While the module on the LG G5 can be used to quickly swap out its battery, it is by no means its main attraction. At present there are two modules that consumers can buy and each adds a little something to the experience. 

LG Cam Plus - This module makes the phone much more gripable, by reshaping the design to match that of a compact digital camera. Physical camera buttons make it possible to operate the camera with one hand, with the shutter button offering popular  half press to focus functionality, while the roller button can be used to easily change manual settings. The module also gives extra power with a 1,200mAh battery built in, a very useful addition for those who intend to photograph a lot.

Hi-Fi Plus - Created by speaker manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, this module ups the 24-bit DAC Hi-Res audio to 32-bit DSD audio, with playback enabled through high-quality wired headphones.

The beauty of the modular system is that new modules can be made in the future, so only LG’s imagination limits the possibilities. If you want more now, then ‘LG Friends’ is going to pique your interest.

LG Modules video

Friends -Enhance your smartphone

LG Friends are devices and wearables that can be purchased to compliment the LG G5. The LG G5’s Friends Manager app makes it easy to pair with and control these devices.

LG 360 CAM - With one touch the LG 360 Cam captures a 360 degrees photo through its dual 13MP wide angle cameras, for later exploration. It can also record 2K video in 360 degrees, so the viewer can decide where to look.

LG 360 VR - The new virtual reality headset from LG works with the LG G5 for an immersive video playing experience.

LG Tone Platinum - If you are tired of wires then this wireless stereo headset delivers 24-bit Hi-Fi Sound.

Rolling Bot - This device brings the fun out of pet care and home monitoring with the LG G5 controlling where the Rolling Bot goes, with vision provided through its built-in camera.

LG Friends video

Always-on Display

We have got pretty used to waking up our smartphones to check the time, date and notifications, but wouldn’t it be more simple to have this information displayed permanently on the screen? 

Always on Display

LG thinks so, and the Always-on Display is pretty energy efficient with only 0.8% drain on the battery each hour.

Dual-lens Photography

The LG G5 has two camera lens sitting next to each other, with one set to a standard 75 degrees field of view and the other set to a 135 degrees field of view, which is wider than that seen by the human eye.

LG G5 review

The LG G5 can simultaneously use the camera lens to provide ‘first time ever’ smartphone features, like 2x zooming out accompanying 8x zooming in. The phone can also combine the standard and wide angle images through the Pop-out photo feature. This gives a choice of frames and effects for the pop-out image, such as Fisheye, Vignette, Lens blur and B&W.

Pop-out photo

LG G5 Specifications

  • Design - All metal and glass with a body that is 7.3mm thick
  • OS - Android Marshmallow
  • Display - 5.3” (2560 x 1440 pixels) and 60% brighter under direct sunlight
  • Memory - 32GB internal with microSD card slot
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM
  • Camera - Dual 16MP/8MP 
  • Selfie camera - 8MP
  • Battery - 2,800mAh 

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Written by: Michael Brown

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