Flagship Phone Comparison! LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6!

Galaxy S6

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is here, wowing the crowds at MWC it’s looking like it could be one of the smartphones of 2015. So how is LG going to take it on? Most likely with its next flagship offering – the LG G4, that is expected before the summer.

How will LG’s next flagship smartphone stand up to the Galaxy S6? Can we expect one of the most closely fought smartphone battles yet? We take a look in our flagship smartphone comparison!

LG vs Samsung Design

What can you make of this leaked LG G4 image?

Check out the LG G4 here!

Samsung has gone on somewhat of a U-turn with its smartphone design with the Galaxy S6, ditching the perforated design from the S5 for a long-awaited metallic build. It ends Samsung’s love affair with removable batteries and MicroSD card slots however.

However, the overall look of the phone is to be admired rather than bemoaned. The device is slimmer (just 6.8mm) and lighter (138g) than the S5, whilst also looking like it has come straight from a modern art gallery.

All of the buttons are where you’d expect to find them, whilst there is a physical home button which resides at the bottom of the display – housing the S6’s fingerprint scanner.

LG has always done things slightly differently with its design, and the G4 is a testament to that. Sporting a metallic effect, the handset is actually made of plastic - allowing users to switch out batteries at will.

The handset is also expected to features a curved body, much like that of the LG G Flex 2. Whether this will result in the use of a curved screen is yet to be discovered – but it’s definitely a possibility.

As always, LG is also keeping its power and volume buttons placed on the back of its handset, clearing the edge of the handset of any buttons. Whilst this will take a bit of getting used to, you’ll find that it doesn’t detract from the experience of the device after an hour or so.

G4 vs S6 Specs

Does the Galaxy S6 win you over with its specs?

Whilst the designs of these smartphones vary, the specs sheets couldn’t be more closely matched.

The Galaxy S6 sports a 5.1” QHD Super AMOLED display, which is powered by an Exynos 7420 chipset, octa-core processor and 3GB RAM. This is further assisted by the inclusion of 32/64/128GB storage and a 2550mAh battery, giving the S6 a powerful punch.

LG is rumoured to be offering a very similar kind of deal with the G4, using a slightly larger 5.3” QHD True HD IPS LCD display. On top of this we get a Snapdragon 810 chipset, octa-core processor and 4GB RAM – giving the G4 a slight edge.

LG is set to offer less storage capacity however, with just a 32GB or 64GB on show, however this can be added to with an SD card. Also, a much bigger 3000mAh battery is set to be included, whether this will result in more battery life is debatable though.

Essentially, both phones are very closely matched on the spec sheets – so you’ll have to have a go with each phone to make a fair call between the two.

LG vs Samsung Camera

What do you make of the Galaxy S6 Camera?

You can grab the latest Samsung phone here!

Cameras are more and more important with smartphones on today’s market – with quality often resulting in a purchase being made or the phone being placed back on the shelf. Luckily, both of these handsets offer great cameras for us to get to grips with!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 boasts a 16 megapixel rear lens, whilst a 5 megapixel lens holds up the front side of the device. Samsung is also claiming an ultra-fast start-up time of just 0.7s, making the S6 one of the quickest cameras in the business.

Add to this a brand new f1.9 aperture, and you have yourself some brilliant low-light performance as well. Finally, Samsung is including a load of its own camera apps for us to play with – meaning you’ll be able to edit photos until the cows come home!

LG is also using its software to improve its camera duo – with a 16 megapixel rear lens and 5 megapixel selfie snapper deemed good enough to take on its competition. Using LG’s Laser Autofocus feature, you might not be able to open the camera as fast as Samsung, but you’ll be focussing in quicker than any other device on the market instead.

Again, LG is also packing in plenty of its own apps for you to play with, as well as offering a bunch more to download, so you can’t go wrong if you like editing pictures.

LG vs Samsung Verdict

Here we have two very closely matched devices battling for smartphone supremacy. It’s incredibly hard to pick a winner between the two right now, so we’ll have to sit on the fence. Either way, if you opt to grab either of these handsets – you’ll be making a brilliant choice already, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll be getting a good handset regardless of which choice you make.

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Written by Luke Hatfield