iPhone Battle: iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s

How does the iPhone SE measure up to its more expensive counterpart?

With the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple took a step back from the supersized, overpriced handsets the company had been steadily releasing over the past few years. (We love our iPhone 6, but sometimes we struggle to reach that top row of apps with our thumb.)

However, the smaller, cheaper smartphone is said to perform just as well as its predecessor – it is in fact powered by the same chipset, and boasts most of the same features as the iPhone 6s. How good is the iPhone SE exactly, and how does it compare to the 6s? Let’s take a look now.

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iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: Design

The first thing you notice about the iPhone SE is how similar it looks to 2013’s iPhone 5s. It’s got the same 4-inch display, thick sides (when compared to the latest models of iPhone) and rounded corners. The only real difference is the matte edges; even the power button has moved back to the top, and the volume buttons are once again round. Also, Apple made sure to include rose gold as one of the available colours – which, let’s be honest, was one of the most exciting things about the iPhone 6s.

Speaking of which, the iPhone 6s is a perfect copy of the iPhone 6. At least when it comes to appearance. It’s thin (7.1mm), and boasts a 4.7-inch display (5.5-inch for the 6s Plus), which seamlessly curves into the strong aluminium body – strengthened in part to avoid another #BendGate. But what really stood out was the rose gold colour option – which has proven so popular that Apple has now released a rose gold MacBook. (And no, it’s not “just pink”.)

Both phones are equally well-built, stronger and durable than most iPhones before them. But design-wise, we have to say the iPhone SE is a clear winner, thanks to the size of its screen. Smaller-handed folks, or just people who like a phone to fit in their pockets, are sure to agree with us. (More than 8% of Apple devices sold last year sported 4-inch displays.)

Not that much difference between the two handsets, except the price.


Apple claims to have brought the 12MP camera from the iPhone 6s onto its smaller phone – it’s said to work just as well, with Deep Trench Isolation, Focus Pixels and fantastic colours. It’s also able to film in 4K quality, and offers the magical Live Photos. And for users coming from an iPhone 5s, it will feel like an incredible improvement! However, the 1.2mp front-facing camera lacks a bit in quality, and isn’t really that different from the iPhone 5s – save for the addition of Retina Flash.

Like we said, the iPhone SE’s camera is the exact same snapper as features on the iPhone 6s. However, the front camera makes a massive difference, at 5-megapixels. So for those of us who like to take a selfie (or thirty-two) when getting ready for a night out, the choice is obvious!

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iPhone SE and iPhone 6s: Specs Battle

The specifications for the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s are almost identical – in fact, there’s almost nothing to compare!

The iPhone SE and iPhone 6s both boast the latest, fastest A9 chip with M9 co-processor with 2GB of RAM. The only difference is the battery, which is 1715 mAh on the iPhone 6s, and just a little less for the iPhone SE at 1642 mAh – but this will still last you a whole day of normal use.

Both phones also run on iOS 9 and support Apple Pay. However, one feature is missing from the little SE – 3D Touch. However, for someone upgrading from their iPhone 5s, the lack of 3D Touch shouldn’t matter too much.

The iPhone SE is, minus a few features, a smaller, thicker version of the iPhone 6s. If you’re looking for a smaller iPhone, as well as saving a little bit of cash, the iPhone SE is perfect. If you’re still not convinced, have a look here to decide which iPhone is right for you.

iPhone SE Price

In the UK, you can get your hands on a brand new, SIM-free iPhone SE from £359 - a bargain compared to Apple's other products! Contracts start as low as £14.99: have a look here for our best deals on iPhone SE.

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