iPhone 7 Launch Bingo

iPhone 7 Bingo

With the iPhone 7 probably/maybe/certainly launching today, we thought we’d make a game of it.

Grab some friends, print out the cards below and settle in for a good old round of iPhone launch bingo. The rules are simple, you and some friends, family or colleagues each get one of the below sheets of potential happenings at today's event.

As and when each happening occurs, you tick it off your sheet. If you complete a line across, top to bottom or diagonally, you win!

You'll be able to see the Apple livestream video here if you need somewhere to watch...

iPhone 7 Bingo Sheet 1

Will you win the iPhone 7 Bingo?

iPhone 7 Bingo Sheet 2

Will you be successful on iPhone bingo?

iPhone 7 Bingo Sheet 3

Who will be the iPhone bingo winner?

iPhone 7 Bingo Sheet 4

iPhone Bingo anyone?

How did you get on? Let us know, or play along with us via Twitter or Facebook!