iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s

Today I am going to run you through a comparison of the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 5s and ask the question ‘should I buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s?’. If you are hungry for more then check out my article iPhone 6: 10 things you need to know.


I predicted that the iPhone series was about to go large, in fact very large! The piddly 4-inch display of the iPhone 5s is dwarfed by the 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 6 and  rumours of a dual launch were correct as we now have the iPhone 6 Plus with a whopping 5.5-inch display.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen comparison

There rumours of a 3-sided display that curves around the edges of the phone seemed a little far fetched and as these didn't materialise they can safely be put to bed. 


The camera on the Apple iPhone 5s is already an excellent tool at 8-megapixels. The anticipated resolution bump didn't happen with the iPhone 6 but the lens has now been enhanced to include Focus Pixels for even better images.

The video options have also been improved as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now record HD video as well as slow motion and time-lapse vide.


If it doesn’t look great then it won’t sell! And, let’s face it the iPhone 5s fulfilled this promise on launch but already looks dated today.

So I am really excited to see the new look on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with sleek rounded corners and a seamless metal and glass casing.

iPhone 6 design


iOS 7 on the iPhone 5s was created to include everything that Apple could think of but this ethos has now changed with iOS 8. iOS 8 will focus on creating a less complicated user interface that is faster and more intuitive to use. 

New Features of iOS 8

 A new QuickType keyboard, Health app and iCloud Photo Library have all been included on the latest iOS 8 .

Touch ID apps

The fingerprint security feature in the iPhone 5 was simply for unlocking the handset but now on the iPhone 6 with iOS 8 you can use Touch ID to complete purchases in the iStore. Apple Pay is coming soon and this will allow you to complete purchases in store or online with Touch ID and it has been opened up to developers for incorporation into their apps.

iPhone 6 Accessories

The AppleWatch made its debut at the event and as Apple have designed it to work seamlessly with the iPhone 6,  wearable technology fans will eagerly await the AppleWatch which will be available in 2015.

Should I buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s?    

The iPhone 6 is undoubtedly the Apple phone to be seen with in the latter half of the year and if you have been considering an iPhone 5s purchase then I really recommend that you go for the iPhone 6 instead.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus colours

The iPhone 6 delivers the promise of a very entertaining and involving product and with deals being offered by all networks you can get the perfect package for you.

However, if budget is an issue then you could buy an iPhone 4s today instead or wait for the iPhone 6 launch and enjoy a price-drop on the iPhone 5s.

So, which Apple phone would you buy? Will you be going for the latest iPhone 6 or bagging a bargain earlier model?

Written by: Michael Brown

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