Crystal Clear! Retina HD On the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Display

Apple has blown us away by introducing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with introducing us to the AppleWatch in its latest keynote, held in the spiritual home of Apple.

But one thing which is having an instant impact on everyone is the fabulous new Retina HD display, but what is it? And is it really that good?

What's your take on the iPhone 6's Retina HD Display?

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What is Retina HD?

Retina HD is the successor to the Retina display we’ve seen on the likes of the latest iPad and other Apple devices, and makes for one of the best smartphone displays we’ve ever seen.

Being displayed by two different sized displays, this brand new hardware is incredibly easy on the eye, making any picture, video or text message look sharper than ever.

Available on the iPhone 6’s 4.7” screen, Retina HD gives us a 1334x750 resolution which is sharper than your standard 720p HD display. On the iPhone 6 Plus however, we’re treated to a stunning 1920x1080 resolution on its larger 5.5” screen, something never before seen from Apple.

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What does Retina HD do?

Put in the simplest terms possible, Retina HD offers higher contrast, better brightness and unmatched balance on both iPhone’s displays.

Apple has managed this by using an advanced process of photo alignment using UV light to ensure that every single pixel is in the perfect place (considering there’s over 2 million of them on the 6 Plus, this is some achievement!).

Also, these pixels offer dual domain properties to ensure than no matter what angle you view your display from, all the colours show as they would from the perfect view. So if you’re sharing a video with your friends, the guy on the end isn’t left squinting to make out what’s going on.

Apple has even included technology that makes viewing the Retina HD display as good as ever when you’re donning your sunglasses, which is a great touch even if we’re fast approaching the darker months.

What's your take on the iPhone 6?

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How does it work on the iPhone 6?

Retina HD works by implementing some great pieces of software with hardware capable of doing the job to the best possible level, and this is proven on both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple’s ultrathin backlight supplies the light to get things started under the hood, whilst the IPS display sits on top of this to give you the start of your display.

Apple then adds the polariser, which helps you view the display even with the darkest sunglasses you can find and tops it with shatter proof glass, to ensure that those cracked iPhone screens are a less common sight with this latest brand of hardware.

This means that the iPhone 6 is not only offering the biggest screens it ever has, but also the sharpest and most detailed, something that no one will be moaning about anytime soon.

Features coming to Retina HD:

It isn’t all about the looks for the iPhone 6’s display, with Retina HD also hosting several great pieces of software to make the display the most usable of any smartphone on the market.

Display Zoom:

With a larger set of displays comes a tonne more room on your iPhone’s home screen, but what are you to do with all that space?

If you don’t fancy cramming all the apps you can into it, you can use display zoom, a feature that makes apps stand out as well as being easier to find at a quick glance.

By zooming in, apps are made larger and quicker to find and use. Also, if you like keeping your folders organised, it helps fill out your screen for a better overall look.

Landscape View:

Available only on the iPhone 6 Plus, Landscape View works the same way as it does on the iPad, letting you display apps on a horizontal axis for added usability and productivity.

This means that your messages can be seen alongside your contacts, or your meetings and schedule alongside your monthly calendar.

It might not be brand new from Apple, but it’s the first time the feature is using Retina HD technology on a smartphone, something we love to see.

Do you like the idea of a landscape display?

Is Retina HD a Hit?

Without a doubt, Retina HD is looking like it could well be the future of our iPhones for the foreseeable future.

By packing in better colours, darker contrasts and razor sharp pixels, it’s hard to find a better display on the market right now, especially on such a large screen.

Put it this way, we think we’ll be finding it hard to look away from our iPhone’s for quite a while once we’ve picked them up!

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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