iPhone 5S: the low-down

iPPhone 5S: the low-down

After months of rumours, denials and mocked-up images, the iPhone 5S is finally here! After an exciting press event, where not one but two new smartphones were announced, we can finally bring you the official details of the iPhone 5S.

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(image courtesy of The Telegraph)

As you can see, the iPhone 5S looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 5, as we knew it would. The only shock (if shock is the correct word?) is that instead of a white version, Apple announced a third version of the device described as ‘space grey’…

The device still has the home button (kitted out with a fingerprint sensor, as will be discussed below), a 4-inch screen and will weigh exactly the same as the iPhone 5 at 112g.

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The iPhone 5 will offer a variety of new features, confirming many of the rumours circulating the device in the past few weeks.

These include a fingerprint scanner, called Touch ID, which can enable users to securely unlock the device with. Apple made it clear, however, that the iCloud will not be able to record individual fingerprints, ruling out any personal privacy issues right away.

The iPhone 5S' camera will only feature an 8 megapixel lens, with Apple, like HTC, insisting that more pixels doesn't mean a better quality photo. The camera will have a "true tone flash", adjusting the flash colour based on the colours in the background of the object. 

The phone's camera will also offer slo-mo video recording at 720p at 120 frames per second, as many of the rumours suggested. 

Apple made it clear that, perhaps unlike Samsung, they did not want to simply pack hundreds of features into the iPhone 5S.Instead, they thought long and hard about creating a device which would satisfy the user’s every need, not fulfil their short-term need for gimmicks.

Unlike the iPhone 5C also announced today, the iPhone 5S will feature a new A7 chip, which is reported to run “twice as fast” as the existing iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5S, as expected, will hit the market at a top whack price, selling from £549. The iPhone 5C, will be available to pre-order in US, UK and other international markets as soon as the 13th September, with both devices being officially launched on the 20th September.

However, the iPhone 5 will is cut completely from Apple’s inventory, with the iPhone 4S remaining as the cheaper iPhone option. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on getting the iPhone 5 at a great price, check out our best iPhone contracts  here.

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