iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S: which to buy?

iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S: which to buy?

Apple broke from tradition by launching two new phones at their annual media event on September the 10th this year.

The iPhone 5S, Apple's premium flagship model will come with new software in the form of iOS 7, and new hardware with the new 64 -bit A7 + M7 processors, finger print scanner, upgraded camera and battery.

The iPhone 5C, touted as their `cheap’ or budget model, also comes with iOS 7; using the A6 processor of its predecessor, the main difference is that it will be constructed from steel reinforced high-quality polycarbonate available in 5 colours.

If you are in the market to upgrade your phone from an existing iPhone or looking to join the Apple ecosystem for the first time the choice of which model can be a bit overwhelming.

Below is a table detailing the specs of each of the iPhone models to help you make an educated decision about which iPhone to go for...



If you currently have an iPhone older than the iPhone 5 now would be a good time to upgrade as the trend suggests that the 30-pin technology and the smaller 3.5” screen may be on its way out.

What’s more you would have the choice of 2 new phones to go for both with much better specs; if you are price conscious and like the fact that it is available if 5 attractive colours, the iPhone 5C would be your best option. If price is not an issue and you like to have the most up to date tech then the iPhone 5S would be the one to go for.

If you currently own the iPhone 5 you would probably look at upgrading to the more powerful 5S with its new 64 -bit A7 + M7 processors rather than the 5C as the 5C is basically the iPhone 5 in a new colourful shell, or alternatively get a SIM Only contract and hold on to your current phone and wait for the iPhone 6 launch next year.

For the newcomer to the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone 4S will still be available, unlike the iPhone 5 which is likely to be discontinued, and will be free on contract, this phone would be suit light smartphone users or it would even make a great first phone for a teen.

The choice between the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S will come down to price sensitivity vs cutting edge technology. If you want the latest cutting edge iPhone and you can afford it, then you’ll buy the iPhone 5S.

If you want a decent iPhone at a reasonable price then you’ll opt for the iPhone 5C.

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