iPhone 5c: hands-on

iPhone 5c: hands-on

With hundreds of Apple fans queuing outside of Apple stores across the globe today, we have had our iPhone 5c delivered. Here we give it a once-over to provide a hands-on review covering our first impressions of the [ever-so-slightly] budget iPhone.


After much deliberation in the Mobilephones.com offices, we [or more accurately, I] eventually decided on the pastel-ly blue iPhone 5c.

Although a number of people have commented that the device looks like a Lego brick, I really like the vibrant shades in which the iPhone 5c is available, and think it makes the phone really fun; at the end of the day, most iPhone users put colourful plastic cases on their phones, so what Apple has really done here is to do a job for you…

In terms of build, the iPhone 5c is really light and slim, as you would expect from a new iPhone. However, compared to the specs of the existing iPhone 5, the iPhone 5c is great deal heavier (132g vs 112g), which, while not being bulky, surprises me, especially because of the 5c’s plastic body.

Again, compared with the iPhone 5, the 5c is slightly thicker at 9mm thick compared with the 5’s 7.6mm dimensions, though you really wouldn’t be able to tell by simply looking at the 5c which feels and looks just like any other high-spec iPhone.

iOS 7

I will admit, I’m quite new to iOS full stop, let alone iOS 7. However, comparing the 5c’s iOS 7 to iOS 6, there are vast differences, and I already much prefer the look and feel of the former.

First of all, iOS 7 is far more user-friendly, fun and modern, with its rounded, colourful icons which move the user interface away from the corporate feel of iOS 6. Although I have heard that the look of iOS 7 is a bit childish, which I can see, I really like it, and think that it matches the fun, vibrant feel of the iPhone 5c really well.

Another feature of iOS 7 that everyone’s talking about is the new control panel which can be swiped up from the bottom of the screen. Not only does this house your settings (as with most Android handsets), but it also gives you quick access to various apps such as your calculator, camera and music.


The first thing I noticed about the iPhone 5c in terms of set-up was just how fast its processor worked. Although most top of the range smartphones feature quad-core processors, the 5c only has a dual-core 1.3GHz processor. That said, it performs at lightning speed regardless of what you’re doing; I quickly switched from browsing the internet, to launching an app, to checking the weather with absolutely no lag or delay.

The only complaint that I did have with the iPhone 5c was that I often had to select an icon a couple of times before the phone responded, which was a little annoying.


Apple isn’t one for gimmicky features (unlike other manufacturers, cough, Samsung…) so commenting on the iPhone 5c’s features isn’t really relevant. That said, I wanted to test out the Maps app, especially after Map-gate last year after the iPhone 5 was released.

Luckily the Map app downloaded onto iOS 7 was really fast- I might even go as far as saying it was the fastest maps app that I have used on any phone- and it discovered by exact location within a second of me turning my location settings on.

Another feature which is new to iOS 7 (not just on the iPhone 5c) is Air Drop, which essentiually allows iOs 7 users to share images, files and videos within seconds similarly to using Bluetooth. Just press ‘share’ and iOS 7 gives you the option of sharing it with Air Drop, alongside your favourite social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Vine.


Again the iPhone 5c doesn’t offer any gimmicky features alongside its camera; you get a really crisp 8 megapixel lens and four options when taking a shot: auto, square photo, panoramic and video. Because Apple doesn't offer an array of camera options, it allows users to do what you'ree supposed to do with a camera: take amazing photographs.

Take a look at some quick snaps we took in and around the Mobilephones.com offices:

Now look at the image below of the iPhone 5c compared to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S:

iPhone 4S iPhone 5c iPhone 5


So there you have it; a short hands-on review of the iPhone 5c. I really like its colourful design, smooth shape and friendly user interface.

Although I know a lot of critics are divided on the plastic coating and colourful design, I feel that Apple has tried to offer something different from the usual premium iPhone without compromising on quality, style or quality. And that’s exactly what Apple has achieved with the iPhone 5c.

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