iPad Pro: What’s the Deal?

iPad Pro

Apple is set to release its latest tablet to the masses this month, allowing anyone with the cash to pick up its brand new 12.9” slate. But given the new bigger screen market which Apple is trying to take on, is the iPad Pro set to be on its way to the big time, or could it prove to be a bust?

To find out, we’ve decided to take an in-depth look at the new Apple iPad to let you know just when it would come in handy, and when it could prove more tiresome than expected! So, if you’re considering getting the new tablet – maybe we can offer some assistance…

The Biggest iPad ever made!

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The iPad Pro is something that was long considered a certainty as Apple’s next big-time launch for the tablet market. Rumours were rife over the past 12 months, hinting at a larger device to help offer a mixture of leisurely tablet use and a higher end professional feel. This meant that when it was announced, it wasn’t as big a surprise as many might’ve thought it would be.

However, this doesn’t take anything away from the new Apple slate, which is still one of the most powerful pieces of kit to come from the company.

Its 12.9” display is obviously its biggest feature, and it doesn’t skimp on its resolution either, which is a very respectable 2048x2732. This gives the iPad Pro a 265 pixel per inch ratio, which is surprisingly strong considering the size of the display.

Beneath the surface is a plentiful set of specs as well, with the A9X chipset proving to be the biggest asset included by Apple, providing super-fast speeds throughout the device. 4GB RAM also offers up higher levels of performance, whilst up to 128GB of internal memory also helps when handling lots of data.

What's the deal with the iPad Pro?

An 8 megapixel and 1.2 megapixel camera duo handle any photography you might need to deal with on the tablet – although it’s likely that you’ll use a phone instead due to the size of the iPad as well as its weight (713g).

Topping things off is a large (but unconfirmed) battery, which should be offering up plenty of charge should you use the iPad a normal amount.

What’s the iPad Pro Good For?

We can reel off all the specs we want when it comes to the iPad Pro, but it’s no good just throwing jargon at you, is it? So, what is the iPad Pro really good for?

Watching Movies

With such a sizeable display, the obvious plus side to the iPad Pro is that media will now be much easier to take in. No more squinting at smaller, sub-10” screens, with the 12.9” HD resolution effort on the iPad Pro, your films and videos will look sharper and larger than ever!

Getting your Game on!

The screen is once again a key part of what makes gaming such a fluid and inviting experience on the iPad Pro, but it’s not all about the display. With 4GB RAM and the Apple A9X chipset in place, games rarely falter on the larger tablet, and with a decent battery life, you needn’t worry about recharging after just an hour of Crossy Road fun!

Is the iPad Pro worth the money?

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We’re not talking about bracelets, necklaces or scarves here, instead it’s the duo of new devices which have been launched to coincide with the iPad Pro that we’re really excited for. The stylus-based Apple Pencil is a great addition to the iPad which screams creativity, whilst the new smart keyboard also offers extra productivity to those looking to avoid on-screen frailties.


Despite being the largest tablet off the Apple conveyor belt, the iPad Pro is still incredibly portable. It might well stack up at 12” in height and obviously won’t be fitting in any regularly sized pockets, but it still weighs in at a surprisingly low 723g and is a freakishly thin 6.9mm. This makes it ideal for slipping into a bag or suitcase without issue.


Older iPads have definitely been fun to use, but one key area that many of Apple’s tablets have failed within is when it comes to handling work. Before now, iPads simply haven’t been able to hack tasks more strenuous than the odd work email or minor word processing tasks. Thanks to the new specs and accessories, the iPad Pro is truly suitable for the workplace – something which not many tablets can boast about.

What about the iPad Pro Cost?

This is where the iPad Pro faces some significant barriers. Whilst the specs, design and features are all top of the table for the latest Apple tablet, the price is likely to turn plenty of prospective buyers away. Costing well above £700, the 128GB option and its accessories will only be for the big time shoppers, whilst at £500 for the 32GB version, it could still prove too costly.

Is the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard worth adding to the iPad Pro for the price?

Apple will no doubt tout the financing options when it’s trying to force sales, but for many it could well prove an unjustifiable purchase, and could affect its sales. Either way, investing in the iPad Pro will be a tough choice. For the specs and the screen it will be a great purchase, but its price will undoubtedly be a tripping point.

So, what do you make of the iPad Pro? Will you be splashing the cash on it? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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