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iOS 9

Update: Read the iOS 9.3 preview

One of the most successful pieces of software on the market, the Apple iOS has long been considered to be a leading mobile operating system. But now we have been given the launch of its latest update, iOS 9, will it prove to be a success?

But should you consider ditching iOS 8 to make the move? If you’re questioning your update, this should provide some help with making that decision!

First Impressions of iOS 9

Having given iOS 9 a go, one thing which is immediately obvious is that you won’t be getting a raft of design changes to make your way through. In fact, you’ll struggle to find anything that shows a marked difference to what’s been on show with iOS 8 (other than the clean new font!).

Whilst this might not be the most exciting thing to start a preview with, it actually proves a nice touch for fans of iOS 8, which we can assure you there are many. The whole interface doesn’t need refreshing just yet, and Apple knows this – so sticking with the style is a smart move.

There's not many changes being made to the iOS design...

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The additional features and apps do make a difference to what you’ll be greeted with in certain parts of the software, with Siri’s additional abilities probably being the most influential on the way the handset works.

Offering a more proactive style than before, Siri now lets you add things to your calendar and can scan your apps to allow for extra content to be included through its interface. Overall, this makes for one of the best improvements to the system, without actually being a brand new feature.

As always, the menus are easy to navigate and there isn’t even a hint of any lag with the software, albeit when we gave it a test run on the iPhone 6. So, if you happen to have an older device we can’t guarantee such a smooth experience.

The focus is based purely on simplicity once again, so if you’re not exactly the most tech savvy smartphone fan, iOS 9 should suit you down to the ground.

Ideal for Handling Work

Apple has always been a great consumer company, providing simple and easy to use software that reaches out to the general user. However, business users have been left out in the cold by the system on occasion. But this could be about to change…

With iOS 9’s multitasking features being introduced, the system provides a much more useful experience for more productive mobile users, and it does so in three ways.

Slide Over is the simplest of the three, and simply snaps an app to the side of the screen, allowing you to switch between one or the other, making it the least draining on your iPhone’s internal kit.

iOS 9 is way better for multitasking...

The second feature is the more orthodox style of multitasking, but is only available on the latest iPad Air tablet. It allows two apps to work simultaneously, whilst you can adjust the size of each app on the screen with a handy slider.

The final multitasking ability works in unison with FaceTime, and allows for you to make a call and go through your apps as well, so if you’re talking business you can do so quickly and easily.

Longer Lasting iOS 9

Another tidy improvement we noticed with iOS 9 is how it actually improved the battery life of our iPhone 6. Instead of sapping battery like some other updates, iOS takes stringent sips from your energy levels, and it wasn’t by accident.

Thanks to some nifty additions, your iPhone will now know when it’s face down on a surface and then kill the screen, effectively saving much of the wasted battery life from your screen. Overall, we found that it saved us around 45-60 minutes battery over the course of the day, although you do need to remember to place the handset down properly.

On top of this, Apple has also packed in a low power mode, which also cuts off some unnecessary features to guarantee an extended battery life should you need to save some juice.

Is iOS 9 the best system yet?

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News! News! News!

Another brand new app direct from Apple is that of News, which isn't quite available in the UK just yet, but should be soon. It works similarly to BlinkFeed on HTC smartphones, and offers a human curated selection of stories relevant to you.

All you need to do is select the most important categories of news to you, and Apple does the rest, by populating your feed and giving you direct access to stories. This ensures that you're kept in the loop with everything from politics to sport, all with the tap of an app!

Noteworthy Notes

If you're anything like us, you'll be a regular Notes user, and now you could be finding yourself playing with them some more! The new app allows you to create checklists, add pictures, bring text in from apps and even scribble on them for a more personal touch.

It might not be the biggest addition to the software, but it certainly makes Notes much more useable and improves an app which might have fallen down in your estimation previously.

Extra iOS Assistance

Other minor additions also improve the overall experience, with 6-digit passcodes now making it much harder to hack into your phone (with 1 million possible combinations instead of 10,000). Also, Android migration offers a simpler way to make the move to iOS from the Google system.

Also, smaller additions also play a part, like a return button which pops up on the top left corner of the screen when you maneuvre between apps. It's nothing special, but it just helps streamline the iOS 9 experience that little bit more.

Finally, the system isn’t leaving any devices behind with iOS 8 either, with even the likes of the iPhone 4s and iPad Mini getting in on the action, making it the most widespread version of the system yet!

So, what do you think of iOS 9? Will it be a hit? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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