Five Reasons to get Excited for iOS 9!

iOS 9

Apple fans across the globe are all giddy with excitement about the upcoming iOS 9 launch, after it was put on show for the first time at WWDC. But if you’re not excited yet, we have five reasons you should start joining the bandwagon!

So, if you’ve got an iPhone or are considering getting one, here are five reasons to start jumping up and down in anticipation of Apple’s next operating system!

A tonne of us are getting it!

Look at all the iOS 9 devices we're getting!

This is by far the most inclusive version of iOS we’ve seen yet, with a massive number of devices gaining access to the system. In fact, none of the devices we’ve seen download iOS 8 are getting put out to pasture this year, meaning even trusty old iPhone 4s and iPad 2 owners can get in on the iOS 9 action.

Simply put, if you have iOS 8, you’re also going to be guaranteed to get iOS 9, which is good news all-round.

Along with these current devices, Apple’s new batch of tech is also guaranteed to feature the system. Whether that’s simply the iPhone 6s or a more diverse selection is yet to be confirmed, but there is talk of an iPhone 6c making an appearance...

Siri’s getting smarter…

Is Siri going through some self improvement?

Siri has been around for a fair while now, and iOS 9 is offering an update to our trusty iPhone assistant to keep it fresh.

Adding a more proactive approach with the new system, Siri can now figure things out which it simply couldn’t do before. Whether it’s by scanning the app you’re using or by adding an event to your calendar, Siri is now worth a lot more than a few quirky comments when you’re bored.

Siri is also location based as well, so if it realises you’re in the car, it will start up the media you were listening to the last time you were there. It might not be the flashiest feature, but in day to day use it could well be the best.

Apple Pay in the UK!

Finally Apple Pay is in the UK!

All of us brits have been pretty darn jealous of those Apple Pay users in the USA, but with iOS 9 we’re finally gaining access to the system over here.

The service officially launches next month (July) and is backed by 70% of credit and debit cards including Lloyds, RBS and HSBC. It’ll work exactly the same way as it does in the US, with each payment requiring fingerprint verification, and working via NFC.

Some big names are already in on the action; with Boots just one of many retailers guaranteeing that it will work the system on release. So with that in mind, it seems like your weekly shop might be getting better with Apple!

More News, Faster!

Check out Apple News!

Apple has lagged behind the competition when it comes down to supplying news to its users, with the Newsstand app proving ineffective. This is why it’s getting replaced with a brand new app when iOS 9 comes along.

The aptly named News app will be acting very much like Flipboard or BlinkFeed, and finally offers a bespoke way to access the news which matters to you. It judges by your habits to find the most relatable stories to you – but keeps all of your information to itself, so you needn’t expect hundreds of junk emails if you sign up.

It will be made available in the UK, US and Australia when iOS 9 gets launched, with other markets looking to get it sometime in the future.

Multitasking is coming to town!

Who doesn't love some good old multitasking, eh?

At last, a feature which allows us to multitask (properly) on an Apple product, albeit only on iPads for the time being.

Possibly the biggest addition to iOS 9 for fans of the Apple tablet, multitasking comes in three flavours with iOS 9. The first is Slide Over, which ‘snaps’ a separate app to the side of the screen, much like on the Xbox One games console. You can only work one app at once, but it is easy to flick between the two.

The second is Picture-in-Picture, which allows you to play a video or FaceTime a contact in the corner of your screen whilst running an app behind it. This makes business chats much easier, allowing you to check emails during a video call.

The third and final version is for iPad Air 2 users only, and is called Split View – and works as you’d typically expect a multi-tasking feature to. You can run two apps side by side, each in full working order – with a fully customisable screen ratio between the two.

So, what do you make of these five great reasons to download iOS 9? Do you think you’ll be grabbing it the moment it comes out? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield