What's the Big Deal About iOS 8's Keyboard?

What's the Big Deal About iOS 8's Keyboard?

WWDC revealed a lot about the next version of iOS 8, with HomeKit, HealthKit and iCloud Sharing gaining the majority of the headlines.

But we’ve been left with a lot of other features to mull over as well, with the keyboard in particular receiving a lot of changes before entering the fray yet again on the iPhone 6.

But are these changes a big deal for iOS 8? Will Apple’s next keyboard revolutionise the way we communicate with other over our smartphones? Let’s find out!

Apple Predictions!

It’s been a long time since we used T9 predictive text, but could it be on the way back with iOS 8? Apparently so!

Apple has included a predictive text feature built into its keyboard right out of the box, which works behind the scenes to help you write sentences with just a few taps of the screen, rather than making you write an essay every time you send a reply.

It’s being dubbed QuickType, and essentially it’s exactly what it says on the tin, letting you type texts and emails faster than ever, and it works incredibly well, making those lengthier texts seem like a breeze.

Could our smartphones answer our texts for us?

How does QuickType Work?

Apple has clearly worked incredibly hard on QuickType, and it’s shown in the way the feature works so simply.

The moment you receive a text and open your keyboard to send a reply, QuickType reads the conversation and generates words for you to use that meet the context of the original text.

So, for example, If you were to receive a text saying ‘would you like to go the cinema?’ your iPhone would already offer you a couple of responses, like ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’.

If you don’t fancy sending a cold-blooded, one word response, you can of course begin typing another reply, and QuickType will offer other suitable words for you to use after the word you’ve already typed.

Incredibly, the feature reads the language used by your opposing contact, and offers words in the same style to make sure you don’t sound like some sort of Android imposter (excuse the pun!).

A Smart Feature for a Smartphone

Manage your work and your personal life on the same phone? Don’t worry, QuickType has you covered.

The feature automatically adjusts its style of language to change ‘yeah, let’s hook up at lunchtime’ (a text message you might send to your friend) to ‘sounds good, let’s meet up at 1pm’ (an email you might send to your boss).

The feature can differentiate your work contacts from your home contacts simply and easily, and even takes more precautionary methods when working via email, a system generally used more formally than text messages.

The feature is even available in 14 different countries; including Brazil, Australia, Canada, China, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA and here in the UK, along with plenty more countries, making it a truly international feature.

Could QuickType revolutionise the way we text each other?

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Won’t Apple Know What I’m Talking About?

With all the fuss surrounding our data security at the moment, it’s nice to see Apple look out for us with this feature; promising to keep any data about your conversations encrypted on your handset.

This means that we won’t have to worry about some random internet thief sneaking into Apple’s cloud servers and seeing all of those texts we’ve been sending to our best mates, not that they would be all that interesting of course!

But on a more serious note, businesses won’t have to worry about sensitive email information being made public knowledge if sent via email, giving a lot of reassurance to consumers of any kind.

Third-Party iPhone Keyboards!

The last feature that the iPhone has been dying for is letting developers access the keyboard, thus making new apps available for Apple users to get their hands on, and we’re happy to say it’s finally here!

This means apps like SwiftKey and Swype will finally be available on the Apple App Store, making texting far less laborious than with Apple’s sleek, but sometimes cumbersome keyboard.

How will people take to the new iOS keyboard?


Whilst we love the idea of HealthKit keeping our cholesterol levels in check, and HomeKit making sure our lights turn on and off without making us get out of bed too regularly, we actually think that the new iOS keyboard could be one of the best features of iOS 8.

The predictive text sounds like it could make our lengthy emails fly by, and being able to adapt to different styles of language is a very impressive feature. Plus, with third-party apps making their way into the App Store as well, even if we somehow don’t like Apple’s keyboard, we can always opt for something else!

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What do you make of this idea from Apple? Will you be looking forward to a new iOS keyboard? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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