HTC Wear: What to Expect

HTC Wear

One of the HTC rumours which simply won’t go away, is it possible that we’ll finally be given a wearable from the much loved smartphone manufacturer this year? If some of the reports circling the web are true, then it’s a definite possibility.

But what can we really expect to see from the HTC wearable? Will it be the hit we’re all hoping for? Let’s take a look and find out!

HTC One Wear?

Will there be a HTC Wearable?

There’s still nothing about a confirmed name for the upcoming HTC wearable, with many people guessing at either HTC Wear or the HTC One Wear. But whilst the name isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things, it may affect how the device performs commercially in a slight way.

We don’t think the company will go with codenames like it recently has with its smartphones, instead we think either of these two aforementioned names would work perfectly. Of course, we might be barking up the wrong tree altogether, so we’ll simply have to wait and see to find out.

Classic HTC Design Mantra

If there’s one thing we love from HTC’s smartphone contingent, it’s the phenomenal design that’s employed within them, and this is something we want to see on a smartwatch scale as well.

A brushed metal look would be a real work of art, and could win plenty of votes on the fashion side of things.

It certainly won’t be an easy feat to climb to the top of the wearable ladder, as the likes of the Moto 360 has become somewhat of a market leader thanks to its stunning appearance. If HTC matches or beats the Motorola look, then we could be onto something special here…

HTC Fitness Focus

Several reports suggest that the upcoming wearable from HTC could be more of a fitness band than an actual smartwatch, and this was backed further by the rumoured link of HTC with Under Armour.

Is Under Armour in cahoots with HTC?

This could of course be included with a standard smartwatch rather than just a fitness band, so we wouldn’t start counting your chickens just yet. As with some wearables, HTC apps could be accompanied by an Under Armour feature which runs the majority of fitness based services, giving users a smartwatch and a fitness tracker built as one.

The likelihood of a HTC heart rate monitor is actually pretty high, whilst other data recorders could also be included to make for quite the fitness favouring experience on the HTC Wear.

Android Wear OS

Considering HTC’s continued support of Android on the smartphone front (apart from the odd device), it’s expected that it will be Android Wear that powers the inside of any smartwatch from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

In fact, if it didn’t feature the Google operating system it would be one of the few HTC products to forego the software, but which system it might move to is a bit murky. HTC’s sense platform is purely a user interface so will need a platform behind it and we’re struggling to see anything but Android make the cut…

Which OS will the HTC wearable use?

Exclusive Device Support

Much like the Samsung Gear wearable devices, it’s expected that HTC One Wear may only work properly with other HTC products. As more HTC accessories arrive, the wearable will likely receive updates to work with a broader scale of devices.

This isn’t confirmed yet however, and if the wearable is swayed more to the fitness band style, it’s probable that it won’t be limiting its device support, so until we get confirmed word on this, we won’t be holding our breath.

HTC Release Date

Rumour has it that the HTC launch which will include its wearable device will coincide with the event where the next flagship phone is unveiled by the company. This puts MWC under even more spotlight if that’s at all possible, as the HTC One M9 was already heavily linked with the Barcelona based show.

As always, nothing is guaranteed with these releases until the manufacturer makes an announcement of its own, so keep that in mind.

As for an actual release, a launch alongside the One M9 could be perfect, allowing consumers to bundle both HTC products together at a reduced cost compared to buying them separately, so maybe expect both pieces of kit by the beginning of April.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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