Snapper Battle: All New HTC One (M8) vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Which has the better camera? HTC or Samsung?

Cameras are becoming an even more integral part of our smartphones with the success of Instagram, Snapchat and other picture based applications, and two of the biggest mobile names are bringing out the big guns this year.

Both HTC and Samsung are releasing brand new flagship smartphones this spring, with Samsung only recently announcing its Galaxy S5 handset at MWC this February.

HTC though has held its nerve, and will be revealing the All New HTC One at a joint event in both London and New York.

Both phones promise to be blockbusters, but in terms of their cameras, which one tops the charts?

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

Samsung has never been a slouch with its cameras, and the S5 continues that trend, sporting a beautifully crisp 16 megapixel effort on its back side.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) also squeezes into the flagship handset, which has a handy on-screen toggle option to help assist you when possible.

Samsung has packed in a bucket-load of features to compliment the camera as well, including a selective focus option, which allows you to create depth of field after a picture has been taken, similarly to LG’s Magic Focus feature on the LG G Pro 2.

A Virtual Tour feature, which incorporates a 360 degree panoramic picture into a video, is included with the S5, as well as Panning, which blurs out the background of any pictures taken for effect.

If security is your cup of tea, Samsung’s latest rendition of Knox allows you to store your favourite pictures in a folder that’s only accessible by using your very own fingerprints, ensuring that nobody else can take a sneaky peek at any of your snaps.

Another aspect that definitely shows a lot of promise is the super-fast autofocus that has been developed for the S5’s snapper, which boasts the quickest focus speed of any smartphone available on the market right now.

Finally, Samsung has tackled the ‘low-light’ issues seen with most smartphone cameras with a reflector-integrated flash LED, which basically lights up the whole viewfinder when it goes off, instead of just the centre of the picture.

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All New HTC One camera

HTC has gone in a different direction compared to Samsung, opting for the same type of kit from the original HTC One, called UltraPixel technology.

This is designed to bring in as much light to each pixel as possible, something HTC claims that it does 300% more effectively than other high-end smartphones.

It works by increasing the size of each pixel, allowing more light in; to improve the quality of the picture, and it really does help your snaps come out at a great quality, despite having only 4 million pixels.

In fact, it performs similarly to many 13-16MP cameras, and has seen some massive improvements in the All New HTC One.

The first big improvement you can see is that there are two different lenses on the back side of the handset, making it the first flagship of its kind.

This is rumoured to provide a 3D picture feature; however HTC hasn’t commented on those suggestions, stating that it allows users to customise the background of any chosen picture, without mentioning 3D.

 It doesn’t stop there either, with the upcoming smartphone set to sport a dual LED flash as well, similar to the iPhone 5s’s, to increase low-light performance.

Finally, it will feature six different shooting modes, including a dual capture mode, which records using both the front side and back side lenses.

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Both smartphones are making a lot of promises right now, and until we get our hands on both of them to give them a go it would be a bit unfair to make a call on either of them.

But one thing you can be sure of is that both of them are looking set to be an Instagram addict’s dream.

What do you think of these upcoming snappers? Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Written by Luke Hatfield

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