Five Things to Expect from the HTC M10...


It’s been quite a while since the last HTC flagship handset reared its head, with the One M9 and M9+ being released in March and May respectively.

So, with their tenures slowly trudging toward becoming predecessors, what can we expect from the next HTC flagship smartphone, predicted to be named the M10 if previous efforts are anything to go by?

Here are five things we expect to see from HTC’s next flagship handset!

A HTC Fingerprint Scanner

The biometric craze has been hanging around for what seems like donkey’s years now – with Touch ID echoing in the age of added security, more efficient downloading and mobile payments. However, we’re yet to see fingerprint technology consistently make its way onto HTC handsets.

Touch ID on a HTC phone would be a sound addition!

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If HTC wants the M10 to keep up with its biggest competitors, it’ll need to throw a fingerprint scanner on its flagship. Given that it will almost certainly rock Android 6.0 Marshmallow (which has native fingerprint support), it would be crazy not to include the feature.

If it doesn’t use fingerprints, an iris or retina scanner could also make it stand out – although this is a bit unlikely if you ask us!

QHD or 4K Screens

Sure 1080p is all well and good, but to really make yourself a flagship competitor in today’s market, you really do need to throw a QHD or 4K screen onto your phone. QHD is almost the market standard now for most big name handsets, whilst 4K efforts are still very rare – but one or the other on the M10 could prove a winner.

This might result in the screen size growing a bit, but overall it will give users a brilliant experience when it comes to watching films or playing games.

Also, it would be good if the HTC One M10 camera took video in this kind of quality as well, so we could film it and then watch it right back in the best resolution possible!

A Bigger and Better Battery!

With a bigger and more power intensive screen, obviously comes a bigger battery. This is an absolute necessity on the M10, even though last time out HTC’s handset handled itself well – rocking a two day lifespan if used sparingly.

However, with our phones being used more and more in day to day life, it’s glaringly obvious that our batteries simply can’t handle the pressure.

A bigger battery is always a good idea for smartphone manufacturers

Tasks like location tracking, video playback and gaming are all major battery sappers, so giving the M10 a juice pack which can live up to the hype would make it a great investment. Of course, it’s more a matter of finding a way to squeeze such a big battery into a phone which is always the big problem. A change of name is on the cards with a new look HTC 10 more likely to take the stage.

A New HTC Design

HTC has always had a flair for design, and the M9 certainly wasn’t a let down by any means. It brought the full metallic offering it did previously, as well as making a couple of succinct changes, but now we’d really like to see some evolution from HTC.

A flashy new look or fashionable material variant would be very much appreciated with the M10, with phones like the OnePlus X leading the way on this front.

The OnePlus phone boasts an onyx and ceramic variant, and a similar move by HTC could make dividends if done properly. We’d fully support the metal phone yet again, but we’ve become quite a fan of the new wooden devices we’ve seen of late – why not give that a go, HTC?

An MWC Launch Date

It’s a while off yet, but you could bet your house and all of its possessions on the HTC One M10 making its big debut at MWC in Barcelona. In fact, we’d bite your hand off if you were planning on betting against it.

When will we see the HTC One M9's successor?

MWC has proven a solid foundation for HTC for several years now, giving the company a great platform to show the phone off to the world without setting up its own event and drumming up support from elsewhere.

As always, this won’t be confirmed until a few months before the event rolls around, but like we said, we can almost guarantee the phone will be there, so you can book your tickets now HTC fans!

So, will you be picking up the HTC One M10 when it does arrive next year? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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