How To Hide Useless iPhone Apps

Everyone has that 'Useless' folder somewhere on their screen.

Every iPhone comes with pre-installed apps. Stocks, Tips, Watch, iBooks, Game Center… Apps we’re not particularly keen on – especially since we don’t own an Apple Watch or understand how the stock market works.

These apps are notoriously annoying and impossible to delete. Which is why they almost always end up in a folder, labelled ‘Extras’, ‘Useless’ or ‘Why??’. (Indeed, why, Apple? Why would a twenty-something writer need to know how the FTSE is doing? It just doesn’t make sense to us.)

Thankfully, there’s a few ways you can, at least, hide these offending apps from your beautifully organised main screen, while we wait for Apple to allow us to delete them (probably with iOS 10.) And no, we won’t teach you how to jailbreak your phone. Here’s how to hide those useless iPhone apps!

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iOS 9 Secret Glitch

iOS 9 has a ‘nestled folder’ glitch which allows you to hide folders inside folders – folderception, if you will. This trick doesn’t get rid of the apps completely, but allows you to bury them so far inside folders you won’t ever have to look at them again.

First, turn off the ‘Reduce Motion’ setting. Then, create a folder where you’ll hide the ‘nest’ folder. Long-press on the nest folder to get it to wiggle, then tap the other folder repeatedly until it opens. You can then slide the nest folder into place!

Watch it in video to understand how it works: 

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Make Apps Magically Disappear

Another iOS 9 glitch allows you to make apps disappear in a few simple steps. Create a folder with the apps you want to hide, then go into Edit Mode (by long-pressing on the first app you’re going to get rid of.) Drag the icon to the right-hand edge of the folder, and you’ll be taken to an empty page in the folder.

Release the app and let it settle in the top-left corner of the blank page, then repeat the process of dragging it into another page. Your folder should now have one page with all the apps you’re trying to hide, one blank page, and a page with a single app on.

Instead of releasing the app, press the Home button while still holding it down, and watch as the app magically flies off into oblivion! Repeat the process for all the apps you want to hide – once all the apps are gone, the folder will disappear as well.

Not too sure how this works? Watch it in action!

Don’t worry if you think you might need these apps again at some point – a simple Spotlight search will show they’re still on your phone and can be used as normal. Also, restarting your iPhone will bring them back to their original place on your Home screen. But who turns their phone off nowadays?

Deleting Useless iPhone Apps Forever

Unfortunately, Apple won’t let users delete pre-installed apps for now. However, rumours suggest that iOS 10 will offer the option to hide the Stocks app when it is launched. We’ll be waiting impatiently for the next upgrade!

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