How to have an Ashes Party

Ashes Party

So the Ashes are drawing to a close: 7 weeks of unders, overs, and all-outs. So why not keep the cricket fun going and celebrate?

Whether you’re an avid cricket fan or not, there’s always an excuse for a party, so why not check out these simple tips for how to have an Ashes party to remember!

Before the guests arrive

On the invitation, make sure you instruct half of the party to come dressed all out as Australians- I’m talking beach wear, thongs, and even kangaroo outfits- and the other half as Englishmen- cravats, bowler hats and maybe even the occasional handlebar moustache.

This should inject some fun into the party, and could get some friendly rivalry going!


To go along with the Ashes theme, prepare a selection of Australian and English delicacies- you could even ask each guest to bring a specific dish.

Ideas include:

  • finger sandwiches (got to be cucumber, ham, cheese and pickle)
  • Strawberries and cream (OK so they’re traditionally reserved for Wimbledon, but why not?)
  • If anyone’s daring, why not knock up a few Vegemite sandwiches?
  • scones, cream and jam
  • Fosters and jugs of Pimms
  • Flip a few burgers on the Barbie?


A true Ashes party isn’t complete without a few games and challenges!

  • every time an Australian player is bowled out, sing the national anthem
  • take a drink each time the ball goes into the crowd (a Six)
  • every 6 balls (one over) you have to change seats with someone else in the room
  • set up your own indoor game of cricket using long balloons as the cricket bat and a small balloon as the ball

Record your memories!

So why not organise your own Ashes Party and invite everyone along for a bit of cricketing fun?! Let us know what your plans are for this year’s Ashes and send us all of your Ashes Party photos via Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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