How Many Minutes and Texts Do I Need?

Mobile Tariff Plan

You thought choosing a phone was bad? You might be forgetting that you have to find a tariff to match that new handset as well – and it’s not always easy.

Minutes, texts, data – all three of these need to be at a level to suit your monthly usage levels, and you also need to balance the costs of it all. It’s not a picnic, let’s put it that way.

So how should you go about finding a tariff that fits your budget and your needs? We’ve got this guide to help you pinpoint just how many minutes and texts you need, so that you’re not left wanting with an inappropriate plan.

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Finding the right mobile tariff

There are thousands of tariffs on offer for mobile phone lovers all over, and picking the right one isn’t the simplest of tasks. But the key comes down to finding out just how many minutes, texts and data you need, then you can find the right tariff at the right price.

Regardless of the phone you want or the network you’re on, if you find yourself struggling to stick to your mobile phone usage allowance each month you won’t be best pleased.

That’s why knowing your limits is so important.

How do you choose the right mobile tariff?

Tariff comparison makes it easy to find the right deal for you, helping differentiate the tariffs that will work for you from the ones that won’t. Of course, they also help you balance your budget as well, guaranteeing you that you’ll find the deal which best meets the amount you’d like to spend.

You can even find unlimited smartphone tariffs that make running up a bill nearly impossible…

What are ‘Unlimited’ Tariffs?

Unlimited tariffs are mobile phone plans that offer you all the texts, minutes and data you want for a set cost each month. However, although some plans might claim to be unlimited, they don’t actually offer you an endless pool of minutes and texts to dip into.

In fact, many plans claim to offer unlimited texts and data with a fair use policy waiting in the wings, giving the network who provides the plan some coverage if someone goes overboard with the policy.

This can mean a number of things, with fair use policies varying from network to network, but in general, they’re still very hard to surpass.

Many fair use minutes packages offer a minimum of 3000 minutes instead of unlimited amounts – totalling 50 hours of phone calls. Meanwhile, unlimited text amounts normally cap at 5000 under fair use, plenty more than most smartphone users can get through each month. Data also has a fair use policy which varies from network to network.

Nowadays, only a few companies sell their services as truly unlimited – but it’s always worth checking when you see a deal which claims to be unlimited.

How many texts and calls are right for me?

Before you add minutes to your latest tariff, it’s always worth doing some homework to figure out just how many you’ll be using on a day to day basis. This will help you figure out exactly how many you need each month – the number which your tariff will offer as part of its deal.

Will you be sitting pretty with your next mobile tariff?

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Light Mobile Users

If you’re not much of a smartphone addict, only sending the odd text and making the occasional call, you’ll be in the light user bracket.

Light users only really need a few hundred minutes and texts each month, making their monthly plans cheaper than most. However, these limits can easily be passed if you aren’t careful – so it’s always best to ensure you won’t fly past these limits.

Ideal Plan: 500 minutes, 500 texts, 1GB Data

Moderate Mobile Users

The name says it all, moderate users obviously won’t be using their phone as sparingly as light users, regularly sending texts and making calls without relying on their phone all day long.

Moderate users obviously need a decent amount of texts and calls each month, but won’t be going overboard with their mobile usage rates, so won’t have to go for an unlimited deal. If they do go over their limit, moderate users can always opt for an add on or two to help them out for the final days of the month.

Ideal Plan: 1000 minutes, 2000 texts, 3GB Data

Heavy Mobile Users

The final type of mobile user is one who’s on the phone 24/7. Constantly staying in touch with others via text or over a call, the heavy mobile user needs a plan to match, often with unlimited or tremendously high tariffs doing the job.

They may end up spending a fair bit of cash each month, but it’s a necessity for heavy users – ensuring that they don’t rack up costly bills at the end of each month. Data can even take a big hit if you’re a heavy user, meaning you’ll need to pad this out as well.

Ideal Plan: Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 10GB Data

The question you now need to answer is whether you’re a light, moderate or heavy mobile user. We’ll leave that down to you…

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