Hands on with the LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2

MWC was definitely a real hive of smartphone technology, with plenty of manufacturers sporting brand new smartphones, but one which really drew us in was the LG G Pro 2, the latest phablet offering to the mobile market.

LG has really pushed the boat out with the G Pro 2, packing it with tons of great looking specs on paper, but is it all talk? Or does this phablet walk the walk as well?

We take a look now, giving you a full hands-on review of the phablet, summing up everything from design to performance.

LG G Pro 2 Design

The G Pro 2 is certainly a striking phone, mainly because of its super-sized screen, measuring just shy of 6”, an improvement of 0.4” from last year’s model, which was named the Optimus G Pro.

The height and width of the handset has gone up, but the thickness has been trimmed down to just over 8mm which is tremendously thin for a device its size.

But the increased size of the handset doesn’t see the weight go skyward surprisingly, staying the exact same as the Optimus G Pro at 172g.

The overall look of the phone is superb, and it feels great in your hand, it might not be the most colourful handset on the market but it really does have a stylish look about it.

LG G Pro 2 Design

Under the G Pro 2 Hood

On paper you can instantly tell that the LG G Pro 2 packs a tremendously powerful punch, sporting some very interesting specs.

A 3GB RAM is common place in many phablets of recent times, and the G Pro 2 is no exception, and this memory is backed up with a quad-core 2.26GHz processor, making for super-fast multitasking.

Also, a Snapdragon 800 chipset makes its way into the LG phablet to offer quicker responsiveness and an improved quality behind the scenes.

The 5.9” display supports full HD and fits a respectable 331 pixels into the screen per inch, a slight drop from last year’s effort, because of the expanded screen size.

Internal memory isn’t ground breaking by any means with a 16GB or 32GB option being available for the G Pro 2, but these can support an SD Card, meaning a much higher internal memory is available if you need it.

One area that has surprised us though is the LG G Pro 2’s battery life, which is boosted by the inclusion of a 3,200mAh long-lasting battery, designed to last you through the day even with high usage.

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LG G Pro 2 Camera

This is an area which is seeing a lot of development throughout the smartphone market, with the ever-growing need for a better camera on the forefront of many customers mind, and LG has gone all out to make an amazing camera fit into the G Pro 2’s slim design.

LG has put in a 13 megapixel OIS+ snapper on the back side of the handset, which can also record at 4K resolution, a step up from standard HD recording.

The G Pro 2 also features a magic focus feature, which can refocus any picture that has already been taken. This is thanks to the cameras ability to layer pictures, making for some incredibly beautiful snaps which can add a realistic depth-of-field look, normally common place on high-end professional cameras.

A slow motion video recording feature is packed into the phablet as well, offering a smooth viewing of video in half or even quarter speed, as the camera has the ability to record at 120fps.

The selfie snapper sizes up at 2.1 megapixels and offers an extra light feature which uses the outside of the screen to shine white, adding extra light to improve your selfies.

LG G Pro 2 Camera

LG Features

The first new feature to make its way onto the LG G Pro 2 is the Knock Code security feature, which replaces your standard unlocking features for most phones, in which you can set up a combination of taps to unlock your handset.

If you’re struggling to manage with one hand, you can also now use the Mini-View function that LG has developed, which allows you to shrink the on-screen display to an easier to handle size, which is definitely a well-thought out feature.

If you fancy taking a look at two different web pages, the new dual-browser feature is also ideal, letting you access two pages on the display for added information.

Finally, LG has added an astounding sound system feature onto the G Pro 2, which offers an unmatched level of sound when listening to music or watching a film.


Considering all of the areas that the LG G Pro 2 has improved upon and developed, we have to say that it is a phablet well worth your hard earned cash.

It mixes a stylish design with tremendous power and a flurry of smart features to help you handle your smartphone, rather than have you compete with it to handle simple tasks.

In our opinion, it is definitely worth looking at if you fancy splashing out on a larger than life phablet.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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