Hands on with the HTC One M8’s Duo Camera

HTC One M8 Duo Camera

After hundreds of leaks and rumours, the HTC One M8 was finally revealed in yesterday's press event in London. And while there was an overall upgrade in each area of the One's performance, it was the new Duo Camera which really wowed attendees.

As the world’s first smartphone with a Duo Camera featuring HTC’s innovative UltraPixel module, the HTC One M8 shows us that photography just got fun again.

A leap forward in smartphone imaging

The camera package comprises of 3 camera modules. The first is a forward facing camera for making video calls or taking a selfie and the 5 megapixel wide angle lens delivers one of the best experiences available today.

Next up is the Duo Camera, which is where the fun begins.

Dual flash and full 1080p HD video recording captures imagery in a superb fashion and the depth sensor details information from the scene enabling a range of post production effects that will allow users to do more with images than ever before.



UFocus is a professional grade tool that allows the focus of the image to be altered after the event. Un-focus the background to make subjects stand out or use one the effects in Foregrounder to get really creative. 



The photo editing software on the HTC One M8 will also allow you to use seasonal animations or copy and paste the subjects from one photo into another. 

Seasonal animations

Seasonal animations

But it is that depth sensor again that really wows viewers which in conjunction with Dimension Plus presents all images with a unique perspective by allowing you to view images from different angles, simply by tilting the phone.

Blur free and crisp image results are achieved in two ways. The autofocus operates at a speed of 300mseconds to ensure even fast moving objects are pictured blur free whilst the LED dual flash automatically chooses the colour tone and light intensity to light your subjects with more natural skin tones.

LED dual flash

LED dual flash

Further camera features on the M8 include:

  • Pan360 for capturing a complete 360 degree view controlled by tilting the phone.
  • Always Smile lets you choose the best pose from everyone in the picture to create the ultimate group shot.

Always Smile

Always Smile

  • One Touch Photo Effects offer 12 filters to shade or colour your photos.

One Touch Focus Effects

One Touch Photo Effects

Slow motion videography is also offered with HD slo-mo video but the wow factor is added post production, allowing you to slow down the video in the parts you want to create real drama at that highlighted moment of action.

Obviously anyone who uses the HTC One (M8) will quickly collect a horde of images and with this in mind HTC has enhanced the gallery organisation. Image match is included and works like a visual search tool by intuitively moving all of the photos containing a particular subject into one album.

HTC One M8 features

Here we have only taken a look at the camera features offered on the all new HTC One (M8).

But, you can discover more of the other top features in our article Our top five HTC One M8 features.

Written by: Michael Brown

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