Hands-on with the STK Cuboid 2 Power Bank

STK Cuboid 2

One of the main issues surrounding smartphones in today’s market is battery life. With screens getting bigger and specs also on the up, our batteries have borne the brunt of our energy consumption without improving too much themselves.

This has led to the end of week-long mobile phone batteries, with many smartphones meeting the industry standard of just one day of use. However, if you’re a big time smartphone junkie, then this isn’t going to be enough to keep you going, especially if you use a lot of energy sapping features.

This is where the STK Cuboid 2 Power Bank steps in! But just what can this energy restoring accessory do? We take a look now in our hands-on review!

You can get introduced to the Cuboid 2 Power Bank here!

What is a Power Bank?

As you might have already guessed, a power bank is an ideal way to manage your mobile phone battery life when on the go.

It’s essentially an energy storage device which can be independently charged to supply your smartphone with battery power when it’s running on fumes.

So, if you often find your phone battery life struggling to last, you may want to invest in a power bank to ensure that you can stay topped up regardless of where you happen to be!

Even if you have the smartphone with the best battery life, you could still use a power bank as a back-up energy supply just in case you go a few days without a charge.

But which power bank should you use?

What are your thoughts on the STK Cuboid 2?

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Why Choose the STK Cuboid 2 Power Bank?

At first glance the Cuboid 2 might not strike you as anything special, but in practice it proves itself as one of the best power banks in the business.

Packing 4000mAh of power, the Cuboid 2 packs enough energy to top up the iPhone 6 twice over, essentially guaranteeing that you’ll be keeping your phone alive for long enough to make any call or send any text.

Its universal charging abilities are admirable, offering to keep any smartphone topped up with juice, regardless of whether you’re an iPhone or Android fan (or any other OS user for that matter).

Plus, it’s very lightweight and not very clunky in any fashion, so even in the smallest of bags, it shouldn’t be cramping your style.

Finally, with its handy carry strap, you can ensure that it’s easy to bring around to any sort of occasion, be it for leisure or work!

How to charge a power bank…

It couldn’t be easier to keep the Cuboid 2 topped up, as you simply have to plug it into a power supply for between 7-9 hours for a full charge, which it will hold until you plug your phone into the device itself.

It’s by far one of the easiest mobile accessories to use regularly, with overnight charging an ideal way of keeping it topped up.

Once the bank is fully charged, you can use your cable supplied with your phone to charge your handset, or simply purchase a new cable if you fancy getting another cable to work with it.

Would you use the Power Bank to save your battery?

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Our Power Bank Test!

Having tested out the Cuboid 2 over several days, we struggled to find any major sticking points with it.

It was small and light enough to carry around without any problems, and actually got us out of some sticky situations.

Using an iPhone 6, we were accustomed to having to recharge our batteries in the evenings, but if we headed out immediately after work, we’d find that we’d be conserving energy come 9pm.

This is when the Cuboid 2 really came into its own, offering a simple way to recover some juice without tying us into a plug socket. In fact, we often just plugged it in and let it do its thing in our bags when we were out and about.

We never found any problems with overheating, which are a common flaw in some lower quality power banks, and in general we were pleased with the speed of charging. This can be sped up by putting your phone into flight mode, but even with all our services intact it wasn’t ponderously slow.

4000mAh was more than enough for us, but we wouldn’t complain about having a little bit more to play with, but considering its £15-£20 price range, you can’t go wrong with it.

Is the STK Cuboid 2 the best Power Bank in the business?

Overall, the Cuboid 2 did its job diligently and without any issues arising, plus its lightweight build was very much appreciated.


Basically, the Cuboid 2 Power Bank does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s simple, lightweight and very easy to use with practically any smartphone handset.

It might not pack as much energy as some other power banks in the business, but for its price you’ll struggle to find anything that’s as effective.

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Written by Luke Hatfield