Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Display

Galaxy S6 Display

Following up from the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S6 is guaranteed to drum up plenty of support ahead of its release, which is expected around the beginning of March. But with rumours circling about all parts of the latest Samsung Galaxy device, what can we really expect from its display?

We take an in-depth look at Samsung’s latest smartphone display, bringing together all of the information we have to help you understand what to expect on the Galaxy S6’s screen. So, if you’re thinking of picking up the upcoming device, maybe you should give this a read!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen on Paper

Will the Samsung Galaxy S6's display be impressive?

When it comes down to the specs, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is set to impress, and its display definitely isn’t something that’s looking like letting it down.

If size is your biggest measure of judgement, then you will be happy to see rumours stating that the S6 will settle at around 5.3” corner to corner. This is slightly bigger than the S5’s 5.1” effort, but doesn’t make the S6 too big, keeping it outside of phablet territory (barely!).

Super AMOLED hardware is yet again included with the Samsung device, a trend which has been widely used by the manufacturer since the beginning of the Galaxy S range back in 2010. This technology is important as it helps create vivid colours, whilst saving on battery power, making it incredibly practical for our smartphones.

QHD resolution will be by far the biggest selling point of the display if it’s implemented as expected, making for an incredibly sharp quality and giving it a pixel per inch count well above 400. This means that our smartphone viewing will never appear soft or blurry, instead being beautifully clean and crisp.

Galaxy Edge Display?

Will we really see the Galaxy Note Edge's curved display on show with the S6?

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Samsung has used its Edge Display once before with the Galaxy Note Edge, and it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that it could be used once more with the Galaxy S6.

The feature makes one side of the screen curved around the edge of the device, hence its name, and offers a completely independent area for you to work with on your handset. So, if the S6 does use it, you could use the Edge to act as a sort of ticker display for unread notifications, or possibly as a quick settings menu.

Similarly, when playing a video or music, the section could offer you the controls. Meaning that when you’re watching something your main screen isn’t cluttered by the controls, or complicated by fade in buttons like on many other smartphones.

Will you be able to use the S-Pen?

Until now the S-Pen has only ever featured on the Galaxy Note series, giving the phablet device a unique quality which makes use of the larger display on the series. However, this could be the year where we see the S-Pen make the move to the S6, thanks to its increased screen size.

Will the S Pen make the cut on the S6?

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Rumours have mentioned it in passing, and it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to see it used. Whether it’s included with the device though is another question, as Samsung may decide to let you buy one as an added accessory to use with the flagship smartphone.

Of course, Samsung could have the S-Pen fully included, with a slot for it built into the device, much like the Note 4, but with its rumoured slim build it’s not certain whether it would fit in. It would definitely give the display a new feel about it, but we aren’t sure whether it will make the cut if we’re being honest.


With Corning Gorilla Glass 4 now the industry’s top display material, Samsung is almost guaranteed to use it with the Galaxy S6. This will make it as secure as possible when it comes down to your standard bumps and scrapes, and lower the risk of smartphone smashes if it takes a drop from your pocket.

Also, if Samsung implements its IP68 rating from previous models (something which isn’t guaranteed yet), then the display will also be fine to get submerged underwater for around 30 minutes, something not many other handsets can offer you. This certification also makes the device dust-proof, which is another nice touch, although one which is more commonly covered by other devices.

Will the S6 show the durability we've seen in previous Samsung models?

The Best Smartphone Display on the Market?

If all of these rumours turn out to be true, then this handset could well boast the best smartphone display ever. It will affect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Price though, making it a bit more expensive than previous efforts, a hit we’re happy to take if we’re being honest.

Whilst it might not be the biggest display we’ve seen, it definitely will be one of the most powerful, and when it comes down to it; size really isn’t everything!

So, what are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 display? Do you think it will be a success? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield