Hands-on with the Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen

What is the Note 4's S Pen like?

Samsung has got IFA off with a bang this year, officially unveiling two brand new Galaxy Note phablets, the Note 4 and the Note Edge.

But something which has seen a major overhaul for both handsets is the S-Pen, which we’ve seen slowly become one of the key features of the Note franchise since its conception.

But what’s so great about the new S-Pen? Can it really wow the crowds at IFA and here at home? You’re about to find out!

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What's your take on the S-Pen?

S-Pen Features

Whilst the hardware looks practically the same as it did on the Note 3, many of the changes to the recently released Note 4's S-Pen have happened on the software front, bringing a host of improvements and brand new features to the S-Pen.

Click and Drag

This feature effectively turns your S-Pen into a computer mouse, simply by holding the dedicated button on the stylus.

You can click and drag to select multiple items, meaning it’s no longer a chore to delete numerous pictures or to send different pieces of data, as you can make a quick selection without having to choose each one individually.

Also, if you have a document or web page open, click and drag can let you select text for quick copying, meaning you won’t be struggling to type out lengthy texts any longer, as you can quickly send paragraphs of text without hassle.

Smart Select

Using Smart Select, the Note 4 makes it easier than ever to pull information from any app without issue.

Working similarly to the Snipping Tool feature on Windows PCs, you can select pictures from a website, app or game using the S-Pen, gather them in an easy to manage folder and send them to a friend without copying and saving anything.

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So, if you spot something you have to share online, but don’t fancy going through too much effort, Smart Select mode should have you covered.

Does the S-Pen's new set fo features get you going?

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Handwriting Improvements

One area which many people criticised about the Note 3’s S-Pen was how it didn’t feel as good as good old pen on paper, and Samsung has listened to those criticisms and taken them on board.

By doubling the pressure sensitivity of the Note 4’s S-Pen, Samsung has massively improved the user-friendliness of the feature, meaning tilted and angled shading now feel as they should.

Also, calligraphy and fountain pen styles have been introduced to the effect collection, meaning hand written notes can now have a great set of style added to them.

S-Note Widget

If you don’t fancy taking down pages of notes, Samsung has also given you the chance to use the S-Note widget to even more effect.

It now allows you to take a picture of some text, it will then turn any text into a note for you to edit to your heart’s content.

So, if you fancy skipping the writer’s cramp and taking a picture of your university notes, the Note 4’s S-Pen will help you annotate them without using up all that paper.

Montblanc Partnership

One final addition to the S-Pen is the introduction of a bit more class to the kit, with Montblanc, the classic pen manufacturer getting involved for the first time on the digital side.

The new Pix and E-Starwalker versions of the S-Pen, built by the company can be used with real life ink or as a stylus, giving you a brand new piece of hardware to use all of the aforementioned features.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but don’t expect them to be available on the cheap, as a quick glance at Montblanc’s website should have your bank account running scared, but if you have the cash it might be worth investing in.

Would you splash out on a Montblanc S-Pen?


With all of these new features crammed into the Note 4’s S-Pen, it definitely looks like the once humble stylus has got a bit of a mean streak about it.

In fact, if it has its way, it looks as though the S-Pen could be turning the Note 4’s display into a strictly ‘no fingers allowed’ area.

You can use these brand new features on the Note 4 and the Note Edge when they hit the market this October.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note’s S-Pen? Can you imagine using it instead of your fingertips? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield

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