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Galaxy S7

Released into the wild on March 11th, we take a look a look at Samsung’s new phone, to let you know why you should part with your cash. Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 suit your needs? Could it be the perfect phone for your pocket?

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Hands on with the Galaxy S7

Is it time to party with the Samsung Galaxy S7?

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It’s the smartphone announcement we all look forward to at MWC each year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is this years’ mobile launch from the South Korean company, and as always it brings plenty of quality onto a quickly developing smartphone market.

The first thing we noticed about the ‘standard’ S7 offering, is that it’s not a whole lot different from the S6. The phone’s size is identical give or take a few millimetres, and the construction is kept as elegant as it was last year.

There are a couple of very slight amendments though, with the physical home button being one of them. Offering a more rectangular profile, the S7’s home button is easier to use and works a bit faster as well.

Meanwhile, the bezels either side of the screen are thinner as well, meaning you get a better screen to body ratio on the face of the phone – if that’s the thing your into.

S7 Specs Improvement

Whilst the design of the Galaxy S7 is in keeping with that of last year’s phone, it’s underneath the hood where the majority of the changes are made. The S7 spec sheet is vastly improved over last year, and it makes the new handset one of the best ever made.

Whilst the screen size is the same, like the QHD resolution, behind the screen it’s all change for the S7.

The first big difference is the inclusion of the all new Snapdragon 820 chipset, which is more powerful and more efficient than any other we’ve seen to date. Also, with an octa-core processor being brought along for the ride as well – the S7 is promising to be one of the fastest smartphones in the West.

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Storage starts at a friendly 32GB, whilst serial storage fillers can invest in a 64GB effort if they see fit, whilst there is also a MicroSD card slot for us to use as well, which can add an extra 200GB. RAM is settled at 4GB, so if you want to handle a couple different tasks at once, lag won’t be ruining your experience.

Topping everything off is a 3000mAh battery which isn’t just larger than the S6 battery, but also boasts the same QuickCharge technology, that allows for a 60% refill in just 30 minutes. Plus, it’s also wirelessly chargeable as well, so there’s no need to get tangled up in cables either.

Galaxy S7 Camera Information

Smartphone cameras are obviously a key area of performance following the selfie craze and increased development of video and image favouring apps. But whilst the S6 was admirable with its lens, the S7 looks like it could be one of the top camera phones to make its way onto the mobile market this year.

Packing a Dual Pixel 12mp rear lens, the S7 camera is able to focus on things much faster than other phones, whilst an f1.7 aperture also ensures that low light photography isn’t the grainy and troublesome task we’ve become accustom to.

Is the S7 camera the best yet?

Some software improvements have also made their way into the camera, with Motion Photo capturing three seconds’ worth of video before you press the shutter – much like Live Photos on the iPhone 6s. Also, this feature also gets put to use with Motion Panorama, which lets you create a fully moving panoramic image.

Other features include Spotlight mode, wide angled selfies and even a Super AMOLED powered selfie flash – all of which help make the S7 camera incredibly powerful. Finally, whilst we do see the camera lens stick out slightly – with just a 0.46mm protrusion, it doesn’t hinder the S7’s design mantra.

Is the S7 Waterproof?

Despite bringing a typically un-waterproof set of materials to the fray with the S7, Samsung has put in some hard graft to ensure that even if you give your handset a 25 minute break at the bottom of your sink that it’ll be in good working order.

Samsung has done this by waterproofing the phone from the inside, rather than the outside. This means that you won’t have those annoying plastic flaps over your ports, but instead you’ll still have glorious open ports to play with.

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There is a limit to just how much the S7 can survive however, which meets most other ‘waterproof’ phones on the market. According to Samsung, the S7 will last for around 30 minutes to a depth of 1.5m in fresh water, so as long as you don’t go treating it like that diamond necklace from Titanic it should be fine.

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Written by Luke Hatfield