Hands-on with the Amazon Fire's 3D Display

Amazon Fire 3D Display

Rumours of an Amazon Phone had been rife over the past couple years, with everyone who’s anyone blabbing about it, but now we finally have it, and with a feature not many of us imagined would be included.

The 3D display on the Amazon Fire was first reported a month or so before its release, leaving many of us in the tech market in disbelief, it wasn’t something any of us predicted, but there it was.

We were all foaming at the mouth to get our grubby little mitts on it, and now we finally have. But just how good is it? You’re about to find out.

What is the Amazon Fire’s 3D Display?

We should really start by saying that when you get your hands on the Amazon Fire, it really does exude coolness, something that is a breath of fresh air considering how often we see the same old stuff, repackaged under a different name.

The Amazon Fire feels like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and it’s a great piece of kit.

The 3D display itself is actually called Dynamic Perspective, and doesn’t require any dorky 3D glasses or an extra barrier over the display. In fact, it works by using four infrared cameras based on each corner of the handset which have the ability to track eye and face movement.

As the user moves, the software detects this and then alters the visuals displayed on the screen to give the phone its 3D effect.

The great thing about this as well is that as the cameras are infrared, a light source isn’t required for it to be able to track your movements, meaning that even when you’re tucked up before bed, the 3d effect will be as good as ever.

Amazon even testifies that its cameras are so good, that it can tell the difference between a real person’s face and that of a mannequin’s, not that we often have a mannequin’s head getting in the way of our smartphone viewing the majority of the time.

Could the Amazon Fire's 3D display be the future of our smartphones?

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What uses does it have on the Amazon Phone?

Other than looking awesome? You might not think that a 3D effect on a smartphone will be of any real use, until you see what Amazon has actually done with the technology.

Immersive Gaming

Games are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our mobile lives, and Amazon’s Dynamic Perspective only furthers their possibilities; now you can look ahead in levels before progressing by just tilting the screen in platform games. In shooters, you can peek around corners without giving away your position, with a feature like this, the opportunities really are endless.

It even has the potential to change some of the most addictive smartphone games ever!

Easier Navigation

Amazon has put in a lot of effort to make sure you can use the Fire phone with just one hand, and a lot of this work has gone into the Dynamic Perspective.

You can scroll through page after page of emails simply by glancing down and tilting the screen, or if you’re taking a look at some pictures online, tilting the handset left or right sharply moves onto the next picture.

It certainly saves us having to use our other hand to swipe up and down all the time.

Better Maps

If you’re like most of us here in the MobilePhones.com office, you’ll be no good at reading a map. Thankfully, the Amazon Fire is at least giving us a fighting chance, by giving us more of a realistic view.

Normally, on a map everything is flat, making us think about just what is where, and we don’t like thinking. But with the Amazon phone taller structures seem to protrude from the screen, giving us actual landmarks to work from. We don’t think we’ll be getting lost anytime soon with maps like this at hand.

Display Purposes

Let’s be honest, the feature looks great, and it’s a good a reason as any to have it. Some of the built in wallpapers showcase the feature brilliantly, and it makes for one of the best looks in the business.

You’ll definitely be the envy of all your friends for a while, being able to show off your amazing display ahead of their dated 2D screens…

Can you really navigate between screens with a flick of the wrist?


Overall, it might look like the Amazon Fire’s 3D display is a bit of a gimmick, but you’d be pleasantly surprised if you give it a go.

It offers some great visuals, superb one handed navigation and even makes our orienteering skills equal with the likes of Sir Ranulph Fiennes (or close to it at least!).

Not to mention, it gives the handset a sub-zero cool factor compared to some others on the market.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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