How to get my iPhone Repaired...

How to fix an iPhone

There comes a day in every iPhone’s life where it either takes a tumble or decides enough is enough and decides to stop working. It’s a common issue, but one that most of us have had to deal with at one point or another.

Whilst many of us will see this as a sign to get ourselves a new smartphone, other fans will decide to stick it out and get the handset repaired instead. But how can you go about getting an iPhone fixed? We take a look at your options, so you needn’t risk your phone with some less than reputable DIY engineers…

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Broken iPhone Screen

This is by far the most common problem that befalls most iPhone devices. Thanks to their large displays and smooth construction, iPhone’s regularly find themselves bouncing off the concrete, and it’s normally the screen which bears the brunt of any damage.

Seeing an iPhone 6s with a smashed screen isn’t particularly rare anymore, but getting it repaired can be easy. So if you have an iPhone with a mangled display – don’t hesitate to get it sorted.

Get it fixed by Apple

Your ‘go-to’ option if you damage your display, Apple offers by far the best and most reliable screen replacement service for your iPhone – and more importantly it doesn’t void your warranty.

Whilst Apple doesn’t cover accidental damage to your screen in its normal one-year warranty, you can still take your phone to the company to get it sorted. Prices for getting your iPhone fixed vary by model, whilst if you opt for AppleCare+ you get two incidental bouts of screen damage covered with an excess fee, you don't want to be missing out on those business calls.

If you can’t be without your phone, Apple even offers an express service to ensure you don’t go for days without your device.

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Independent Repair Shops

If you don’t fancy shelling out the cash for a trip to the Apple Store and you no longer have a warranty to worry about, then an independent smartphone repair shop could help you out.

Normally, most repair shops offer much cheaper prices than Apple does, but once they’ve fiddled with your phone Apple won’t touch it. This is because you void any warranty to the phone if you open up the device or modify it without Apple’s expertise.

However, for less than £50, you can get most iPhone screens replaced, and with a fast turnaround of normally about an hour.


The least expensive option by far, there are numerous videos on YouTube showing you how to replace an iPhone display by yourself.

Once again, if you go down this path you’ll void any Apple warranty you have. Also, you’ll need to have the tools to get the job done first. But even if you buy the tools you need, you should have your iPhone fixed for the cheapest price possible.

We don’t recommend doing this in any circumstance, as a certain level of technical know-how is required. On top of this, you could do more harm than good if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing.

Of course, once it's fixed you should probably invest in a case to make sure it's secure from then on.

Fixing the iPhone Lock Button

The lock button is a common problem for iPhones

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Another regular issue among iPhones of nearly all models, the lock button is less likely to be damaged thanks to a single drop, but overuse can leave it stuck. This is an ongoing process, eventually leaving your lock button unusable – making you resort to on-screen navigation tools to lock your device or take a screenshot.

All three screen repair options are viable choices for unlucky iPhone users with lock button issues, although prices can vary.

Apple repair times can last up to nine business days, whilst independent repair shops can have the iPhone back to working order within an hour. However the same pitfalls are in place if you get your lock button fixed independently as they are if you get a screen fixed. Meanwhile, DIY options for the lock screen are also possible but can be incredibly complex if you don’t know what you’re doing.

iPhone Battery Problems

Much harder to diagnose and confirm than the previous two issues, iPhone batteries can be temperamental to say the least.

Lithium ion batteries like the ones found in iPhones have a lifespan that lasts just a couple of years, meaning that if your phone is two years old and starts dying sooner than expected – it won’t be covered by Apple.

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However, if the phone is in warranty and fails to hold 80% of its original capacity Apple will replace the phone no questions asked. This means that you’re always better off seeing what Apple says first before looking at your other options.

Once again, independent repair shops and DIY options are available, so if you’d rather go in that direction you can do – although batteries are best handled by the pros.

Smartphone Insurance can keep you covered

One way to fully guarantee that your iPhone is always in tip-top condition is to invest in smartphone insurance with accidental damage cover.

By doing this, you can guarantee that your iPhone is covered for repairs or replacements regardless of how old it happens to be. Of course, you’ll need to pay monthly smartphone insurance premiums for the cover, along with an excess when making a claim – but it still saves money compared to buying a new device.

So, if you don’t fancy going through Apple or any of the other options listed in this article, getting mobile phone insurance could be your best bet.

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Written by Luke Hatfield