How to get a Cheaper Smartphone Contract

How to get a Cheaper Smartphone Contract

The mobile phone industry is packed with deals and tariffs on the latest handsets, designed by the networks to tempt you over and to upgrade your current smartphone. The market offers so much choice and with so many deals out there we take a look at how to get a cheaper smartphone contract to give you the best deal on your next phone.

Compare the best mobile deals

One of the best tools at your disposal when looking for a new contract is a comparison site. Here you can see everything on offer from the UK networks at a glance and compare them to see what you currently have and think you may need in the future.

Compare phone deals

You will be able to see from your previous mobile bills the quantity of data, minutes and texts that you are using on a monthly basis and this can help you find the right tariff to suit you. Mobile comparison tools will allow you to filter deals based on allowances, giving you all the choices across the networks. This will help ensure you are less likely to go over your included tariff allowances and keep your bills down in the future.

24 month contract deals

The cost of your contract mobile phone is usually included in the monthly rental cost, unless you are paying the full price for the phone up front.a This monthly payment can be lowered if you take a longer agreement. Rather than buying the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone on a 12 month agreement, take it on a 24 month contract to reduce the payments and spread the cost.

Mobile phone upgrades 

The network you are currently on may be your preferred choice for your next mobile phone, so if you really don't want to transfer to a different network, then you can choose to upgrade the phone and this will simply renew your existing contract with your provider. 

Get an upgrade

Mobile upgrade deals are on offer for all of the latest handsets, so once you have chosen the phone you want you can simply upgrade to keep your tariff and SIM for use in the new phone.

SIM Only

SIM only deals

A great way to save a lot of money is to choose a SIM only deal, as these offer great tariff allowances at much cheaper rates than if you take a new handset in with the deal. 

SIM only deals

If your current phone is still in good shape and you fancy keeping it for another year or two, then opt for a SIM only offer to get a cheaper mobile contract deal.

Basic handset or older flagship

The very latest phones from the manufacturers come at a premium price and this will be reflected in any deal you take with one of these top handsets. When you are looking to save money on your mobile monthly costs, you can consider a more basic model or perhaps an older version of the flagship phone. 

As smartphones are released constantly, the earlier models become cheaper quickly. So, if you were considering the latest Galaxy S7 but don't like the price then you could snap up a Samsung Galaxy S6 instead.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The same option is available if you look at more basic models too. The least top technology on board, the cheaper the phone deal you can get. Many manufacturers produce different versions of their flagship models in the hopes to entice people on all budgets, so you may find a smartphone that looks very much like the latest model, but with a few modest tweaks, for much less cost.

That's some of the top ways to save money on your smartphone contract and if your contract is coming up for renewal or has already ended, follow these tips to ensure you save on your next phone.

Written by: Michael Brown

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