Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips And Tricks

Galaxy S7 tips and tricks to use your phone to its full capacity

Do we still need to introduce the amazing Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? The handsets made wave when they were announced at MWC 2016, and have since been hailed as the phones to beat this year. (We can’t wait to see what Apple’s answer will be.)

If you’ve recently purchased, or are thinking of buying a Galaxy S7, we thought you’d like to know about these little tips that can change the way you’ll use your brand new smartphone, from camera tricks to a fun hidden game.

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Turn off the always-on display

The always-on display is one of the best, most innovative things about the Samsung Galaxy S7. Although it’s said to not drain too much power, you might want to turn it off if your phone’s battery is dangerously low and you’re stuck on the train without a charger.

To do this, go into your Settings > Display > Always on display. Then, simply slide the button at the top of the screen to turn the always-on mode off. If you’d like to access this setting straight from your S7’s home screen, you’ll need to swipe down twice from the top of your screen.

Shoot panorama videos

A lot has been said already about the Galaxy S7’s camera – a 12MP snapper with incredibly fast focus and the ability to take bright, clear pictures even in low light. But something that we haven’t discussed is the Motion Panorama mode.

What this does is shoot a video alongside your normal panorama picture – not unlike Apple’s Live Photos – that is saved with the photo for you to replay and look at your panorama in movement.

Do not disturb

A classic Android feature, do not disturb lets you disable notifications, so you’re able to focus on something other than your phone. (It’s a much better alternative to trying a smartphone detox…) You can also choose exceptions, so as not to miss important calls or emails.

Go into your Settings > Do not disturb > Allow exceptions, and choose favourite callers, apps or alarms to keep sending you notifications.

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The Galaxy S7's always-on display can be turned off if needed.

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Use two apps at once

If you’re a bit of a multitasker, you might be happy to learn that your Galaxy S7 lets you view two applications at the same time. To do this, you need to long press the ‘Recent Apps’ button – the app that is currently in use will pop up on the top half of the screen.

Then, select your second app from the ones shown at the bottom! If you need to focus more on one than the other, you can resize them by pressing the dot in the centre and dragging it.

Take even better photos

The Galaxy S7’s camera is one of the best on the market right now – but if that’s not enough for you and you feel confident enough to fiddle with camera settings such as ISO, contrast and white balance, then you can turn on the Pro mode, what will the galaxy s8 deals bring in the future?

Simply open your camera and choose ‘Mode’ at the bottom of the display, where you can choose Pro mode and have a play around all the features.

Play Flappy Marshmallow

The Galaxy S7 comes with the latest version of Android installed – and you need to play the game that has been added as a fun Easter Egg.

To access it, you need to go into Settings > About and tap on the Android version until you get a picture of Marshmallow. Then, tap a couple more times, then long press to access the Easter Egg game – which is basically Flappy Bird, but with a cute little Marshmallow.

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