Galaxy Battle! Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S6!

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S6

One of the biggest names in mobile technology, Samsung is has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone to the world. The Galaxy S6 was released alongside the S6 Edge, obviously following up from the S5.

So, is the S5’s successor a big improvement? Or might you be better off investing in the older handset to save some cash? We take a look at both handsets and compare them side by side to let you know which one’s worth your money!

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S5 vs S6 Design

One of the biggest talking points surrounding the Galaxy S5 was the perforated plastic design on the handset’s back side. Whilst it didn’t feel too bad, many fans found that it gave the device a cheaper look, especially compared to some of the other flagship smartphones out there.

The Galaxy S6 however has finally become the first Samsung device to boast a metallic construction similar to that of the HTC One M8 or iPhone 6. This obviously answers many of the critics of the previous device, but does come at a cost.

Whilst the design definitely adds to the luxury factor of the handset, it also makes the S6 slightly less practical. The IP68 certification for instance has been removed, meaning water could cause some serious damage, whilst the battery is now built-in. Also, MicroSD compatibility is now a no-no - meaning you're stuck with the storage you choose.

The overall design is much skinnier and fairly lighter than that on the S5 however, making the handset easier to handle as well.

What do you make of the S6 vs S5 design?

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Samsung Galaxy S6- Whilst it's lost the handy IP68 certification, it's great to see the Samsung device finally hit the metal trend, making it much more stylish.

Galaxy S5 vs S6 Display

Over recent months, displays have been getting bigger and bigger, and it seems that this trend coming to a halt with the Galaxy S6.

The S5 already sports a very friendly 5.1” Super AMOLED display, which rocks a full HD 1080p resolution, making for a pretty good showing.

The S6 is also including a 5.1” Super AMOLED display of its own, which instead features a QHD resolution, making it one of the sharpest displays on the market.

The S6 also offers a bit more protection with its Gorilla Glass 4 build, giving it one more advantage over the S5’s Gorilla Glass 3 effort.

One final addition really does separate the S6 from its older counterpart, and that’s the S6 Edge Display. The feature is available on the Galaxy S6 Edge variant of the device, which is the first to feature a three sided display - with each side curved outward.

Did you like the display on the Galaxy S5?


Samsung Galaxy S6- Offering a higher resolution, a bigger screen and the Edge Display on the S6 Edge, the new Samsung phones far outshine the S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S6 Specs

The S5 wasn’t much of a slacker when it came down to specs, boasting a Snapdragon 801 chipset, 2GB RAM and a quad-core 2.5GHz processor.

That’s a pretty tough handset to match on paper, but Samsung has somehow managed it. Boasting a brand new Snapdragon 810 chipset, 3GB RAM and a 64-bit octa-core processor, the S6 is one of the most powerful smartphones ever made.

With a 2,550mAh fast-charge battery lasting longer than the S5's, you shouldn't be worrying about finding a plug socket when you're outside the house. Also, with a hard drive reaching 128GB, memory won’t be an issue for the S6, as it sometimes was for the S5.

Finally, with cameras becoming an ever important part of our smartphones, the S6 keeps the 16 megapixel lens from the S5, and improves on its software for a great quality boost. On the front side, the 2 megapixel effort grows to 5 megapixels, add that to the classic Samsung camera apps we’re accustomed to and you have a tremendously powerful camera on your hands.

Is the S6 the most powerful smartphone on the market?


Samsung Galaxy S6- It’s far more powerful internally, packs more storage and utilises a nicer camera, not much to argue over here.

Samsung Features Compared

It’s never entirely fair to compare successive handsets on a feature front, as newer devices are guaranteed to pack new additions over the older ones, and this is the case here. The S5’s fingerprint scanner, Kids Mode and Knox security are all set to feature once more on the newer handset.

However, the S6 also packs Samsung Pay, which allows users to pay for things wirelessly - much like Apple Pay. Also, wireless charging is built in, meaning you shouldn't be forced to hunt for your charger cables anymore. Of course, Samsung has also got plenty of built-in apps to play with as well, with the likes of S Health amongst others.

What features does the Galaxy S6 have?

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Samsung Galaxy S6- A clean sweep for the S6! The inclusion of wireless charging and Samsung Pay really put it head and shoulders above its predecessor.

Which to choose: S6 or S5?

If you’re on the hunt for one of the most technologically advanced smartphones out there, this decision is a real no-brainer. The S6 is a much more powerful, better looking and more practical handset, but does come at a higher price.

The S5 is definitely a great device, and one worth grabbing if you’re looking to save some cash, but for tech heads out there with the thirst for some new features, it’s be hard to ignore the Galaxy S6.

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Written by Luke Hatfield